A Santorini Proposal + Meet Our New Blogger Bride!
January 18, 2017
Camila Carril is easily one of London's most fashionable residents, but she's also a bride-to-be planning her biggest day yet. With help from Savvy Event Studio, she's designing an Italian destination wedding but before she dives into the detail, Camila is sharing the proposal story that started it all. Read on to hear just how magical a "Will you marry me?" moment on Santorini can be.
Hi brides-to-be! My name is Camila and I am a fashion and lifestyle blogger at Camila Carril, where I share my daily outfits and passion for fashion as well as my travels and lifestyle in general! I am over the moon to be able to share with you the most amazing journey and year of my life on Style Me Pretty. I am getting married with the man of my life! Before I begin telling you our story, let me explain how I got here.

I am from Brazil and moved to London when I was 17 to finish my high school. I fell in love with London, it is so diverse and multi-cultural, I have made friends for life, lots of opportunities doors opened up to me and although sometimes it felt like a roller coaster with high and low moments, every time there was a lesson to be learnt. Years passed on, and I never left this place which I have now adopted as the city of my heart!


Four years ago I went out to a Mayfair club with my girlfriends, while we were dancing the night away listening to “we fell in love in a hopeless place”, I looked to my right and there he was: handsome, green eyes, tall and such a gorgeous smile! He asked my name and where I was from and the conversation begun. Later he told me he had to go because his friends wanted to leave but that he would like to take me out on a date and asked my number. I did not believe one word, I just told him "no". He insisted. I then said: “OK, but you better make me not regret it!”, we both laugh about this today. Who would have imagined, to find my soulmate in such a hopeless place? I remember I didn’t even want go out that evening. It was all meant to happen, just when we least expected it!


Years later, on our fourth anniversary, while we were sailing away on a boat in the beautiful island of Santorini, he proposed. Minutes before, I laied my head on his heart and I could feel it was beating a thousand miles per minute. Then, my head was spinning with so many thoughts, is this really going to happen? A sudden excitement came from inside me and translated in tears, which I wiped away… I didn’t want him to see it. We were talking about everything, from the first time we met to our plans and some other silly things we both have done together, it felt like there was nothing else in the world apart from us and the sun which was setting in the horizon. It was beautiful. When the sun was about half hidden in the sea I got worried, for one lapse of second I thought it wasn’t going to happen anymore. He then stood up and asked me to come up so we could take a photo together. He got on his knee and we both were in tears. He said, “Camila Carril de Oliveira, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”"

I'm so excited to share this journey with you!

Camila x
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