From Friend Zone to the Prettiest Happily Ever After
January 17, 2017
Tri State
This is proof that there is a way out of the dreaded friend zone and sometimes it just might lead to a gorgeous wedding. These two friends turned husband and wife celebrated with a lavender infused wedding captured by Mekina Saylor. It's straight from a Rom Com complete with a feel good ending.
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From the Photographer... Were you friends with your significant other prior to getting together romantically? Bianca + Eugene were! In fact Bianca kept Eugene in the friend zone for YEARS! Since high school these two were “just friends”. Eugene would even come over to Bianca’s house to hang out before she’d leave to go on a date… with another guy! Eugene never gave up pursuing Bianca and somehow just knew they’d end up together as more than just friends. Finally after a party with friends and a couple of cocktails later, Bianca saw the possibility of a future with Eugene. He was her best friend, and she knew that was something she could not live without!