Winter Wedding Lovers, This One Is For You.
January 11, 2017
Winter Weddings
Admittedly, I am a summer wedding lover—but one look at this bit of cold weather beauty from Belle GardensGreenwood Events and Orange Photographie and I'm ready to trade sand for snow when it comes to saying I do. From the piercingly beautiful gem to the ribbon-wrapped cake, you can find me cozying up to every inch in The Vault.
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From Belle Gardens... I had the privilege a few weeks ago to sit under the instruction of some very dear friends Samantha and Reid, of Orange Photographie in Bozeman, Montana. Not only did they share with me a love for film but they set me in a direction of never going back to digital. These images are as a result of a shoot they designed and put together just for me. I have longed to shoot in the beauty of my hometown Montana, and especially covering the most important day in a beloved couples lives. I have named this shoot, Loves Snow White Rose.

Through the veil of the cool mist
my eyes met yours and made a tryst
a promise that our hearts will blend
and our love shall last till the end
over the hills you disappear
and in my dreams reappear
O my delicate snow white rose
ensconced in my poems and prose
O my delicate snow white rose
emanates from my heart a cadence
that resonates with your heavenly fragrance
All the barriers I shall break
My life I shall put on stake
Until I merge with you one day
To be with you forever I pray
From my life please don’t vanish
let our love never diminish
petals of your love I shall always cherish
O my delicate snow white rose

Our models John and Ingrid are a real married couple and we shot the their portraits on the river where John proposed to Ingrid. I adore the words of the poet, John, as he parallels the snow white rose to the love of his life., Ingrid. Montana a vast state with cold winters but a beauty that cannot be denied could also be that snow white rose, a longing to be in her resident once again. Nonetheless, the poet speaks of deep love for its subject.

The first portion of our shoot we captured Ingrid preparing to meet her love John in a beautiful robe and veil from A Girl With A Serious Dream. Our lovely engagement ring was also a feature from Susie Saltzman, and stunning it is. We then captured romantic details of a stunning table in blues, rosy mauves, creams, whites, and grays. These colors only seem fitting because of the snow covered landscape. While we were shooting the snow came down in huge flakes as it so often does in Montana in the spring, only to melt away after a couple of hours. We were then off to the river where the formals were shot, where John originally proposed. The rose has come full circle and life has been burst forth from these two sharing each other’s love and life forever!