Michigan Surprise Beach Proposal
January 6, 2017
This beautiful gallery really needs no introduction. A surprise proposal, with an adoring groom-to-be and his gorgeous love. Photographs that will make you tear up by the incredible Tiffaney Childs. And a sense of magic that just leaps right off the page.
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From the photographer... When David contacted me about photographing his surprise proposal to Kier, he was so nervous and excited as we talked over the timeline. Kier had no clue what had been planned for months prior to her seemingly innocent girls day out with her sister and girlfriends to a local winery.

David made all the signs, had Kier's talented sister paint the meaningful lyrics on them, and set them up a path on the beach for Kier to follow when she arrived with the girls. The sun had been behind the clouds all day, and it was a bit chilly, but when Kier found that first sign on the path, the sun peeked out and seemed to shine for the two of them.

It was so emotional watching them both absorb the shock of this perfect upcoming moment. David got down on one knee while Kier wiped away tears of joy and instantly said yes. The excited laughter and kissing that followed was a joy to watch.

Kier's sister and friends watched from a sandhill and ran down to congratulate and hug them. We quickly headed down towards the water to take some beautiful photos of the two of them while they were both still reeling with glee. Her sister and friends had brought some cute decorated glasses for a quick toast to them on the beach. The sun set over the water as they cuddled and giggled to themselves about getting married.

This was one of the most perfect proposals I have ever had the privilege of capturing.