A Classic Vineyard Wedding, Fireworks + Fur Baby Included
January 3, 2017
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You know what's better than a classic vineyard wedding? A classic vineyard wedding complete with ballroom reception and a seriously cute fur baby... in a tux. Now add a surprise fireworks display orchestrated by the groom and it's basically the best wedding ever, all captured by the amazingly talented Erin Stubblefield Weddings And Portraiture. See every beautiful moment in THE VAULT.
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From the Bride... The morning of our wedding started out like any ordinary day; it was just the two of us and our dog, Otis. It was important to us that we had some quiet time before the busy day ahead and it wasn’t long before my bridesmaids, mom, and future mother-in-law arrived to pick me up for hair and makeup. Getting glammed up with my girls will forever be a special memory for me to look back on.

The morning rushed by with all of the little things that tend to come up at the last moment. I consider this fortunate because I was nervous, excited, and anxious for my first look with my fiancé, Chris. It was a moment that had been building over months of planning, finding the perfect dress, the makeup, and the bouquet. A moment that I would catch myself daydreaming about and one that had finally arrived. With a tap on the shoulder, he turned around and I could see the sparkle in his eyes and the smile on his face. Every minute of planning was worth it for that single moment.

Early on in our planning, Chris and I decided to write and say our own vows. To us, if we were going to promise things to each other, then it only made sense that we should write and say those things. Reading our vows was perhaps the most emotional moment of the day and while I can’t quite remember the details of that moment, I was assured by several guests that our words were inspiring and heartfelt. We had a very brief ceremony and exited to the music of Love Actually, one of our favorite films. Outside we were quickly joined by the rest of our party, but needed a moment to ourselves to reflect and absorb. Twenty minutes alone debating if we should head in or just run away together might sound a little crazy, but we wanted to cherish and live in that moment for as long as we could. We of course opted to stay, well because, it was now time let our hair down as they say in a place that we spent months planning to prepare.

Chandler Hill is one of the most elegant and romantic venues in St. Louis and their team, with help from our florist, Les Bouquets, made it absolutely gorgeous. Being born and raised in California, I never thought I would find a Napa-esque venue in the heart of the Midwest. I cannot stress enough how much the flowers added to the look and feel so if I have one piece of advice to give it’s to go nuts with your florist. It was important to me that our reception be simple and elegant. Lots of greens with succulents and eucalyptus, lit by candlelight created a very inviting atmosphere. True to myself, I tastefully (I think) incorporated squirrels into the theme which had some guests scratching their heads and others whispering, “classic Stacy”. I just have to say that squirrels are one of the cutest of the woodland creatures and as such deserved to be part of the natural feel I was trying to create.

After toasts with tears and partially eaten dinners, Chris and I walked out to the deck for our first dance under the stars. We danced to our favorite version of “Beyond the Sea” with vocals from Kevin Spacey. It was a dream! After our dance, a dip, and a kiss, fireworks exploded in the sky…literally! Lo and behold, Chris surprised me with a well-timed fireworks show as my bridal gift. Leading up to the wedding I spent hours poring over images to find the one that encompassed the wedding day I wanted. I'm so lucky that the day was everything I dreamed it would be and more. The amazing work done by Chandler Hill, Les Bouquets, and Celebrating Life Cakes gave me that perfect day, and our photographer Erin Stubblefield beautifully captured it in a way that far exceeded any of the pins I saved.