Trying to Get in Shape for the Big Day? 7 Ways to Never Miss a Workout
January 1, 2017
Ladies, do you want to get in shape and look amazing for your wedding? Of course you do! But it’s hard enough just to get to the gym and make it happen: with wedding planning, a full-time job, and all that crazy stress, it’s really tough to find the time to workout. And the answer isn’t just to “get motivated” and “stop being lazy” — it goes deeper than that. (In fact, I help fiancés get in shape at GroomBuilder and I see them struggle with the same exact thing.)
Today, I want to show you 7 amazing and proven tricks to help you create a fantastic routine that will make going to the gym effortless and make it super easy to stick to your habit. The best part? You’ll look absolutely sexy in your wedding dress on the big day.


The Tips


Focus On The Habit

Let’s say your fitness goal is, “I want to lose 10lbs.” What’s the habit that will get you to your goal? Go to the gym 3x week? Take 4 group classes a week? Eat healthy 80% of the time? Walk for 30 minutes every day? Focus on your habits — not just your goal — because you have complete control over them. And every time you follow through on your habits, you succeed and build real momentum. The goal will take care of itself.

Get A Workout Buddy

Getting a trusted friend as workout buddy — or your fiancé — can help you stay on track. If you ever miss a workout, you’ll have to answer to yourself and your friend. Text each another when someone goes to the gym and inspire each other. Also, join a fitness group or meetup to make friends with people who share your goals, encourage you, and make it super fun to go to the gym.

Put It In Your Calendar

If you’re like me, if something isn’t in your calendar, it doesn’t happen. (Whoops!) That’s why putting your workouts into your calendar, as simple as it sounds, can make a HUGE difference. You’ve committed to that workout. It’s in your phone and you can see it every time you check your week. And now, you have to schedule your appointments around your workouts instead of struggling to “find time” for exercise.

Imagine What You Want, Not What You DON’T Want

We’re pretty good at imagining what we DON’T want: “I don’t want to look fat. I don’t want to embarrass myself. I don’t struggle to get into my dress. I don’t want to look bad in front of my husband.” It’s perfectly normal. And instead of fighting those negative thoughts, simply spend more time imagining what you DO want and how it would feel. What if your fitness routine were perfect? How would it look? And how would it feel to look absolutely stunning for your wedding? Think about it more and it’ll become easier to achieve.

Bet on Yourself

Tell a few of your friends or family about your fitness goal and bet on yourself — this seems kind of silly, but adding some rewards or punishments can help motivate you to do your workouts. For example, if you skip the gym, pay someone $20. Pick a reward that you LOVE and risk something you do NOT want to lose. It’ll make your success taste even better.

Commit To Less

If your goal is too big, you might set yourself up for failure. For example, going from exercising 1x/week to 5x/week is a great commitment, but it could overwhelm you and drain your motivation. Instead, pick a smaller commitment and stick to it. You’ll improve your fitness AND feel better because you’re hitting 100% of your goals. Then, gently increase your goal.

Prepare In Advance

Final step: Remember to pack your gym bag. It would be awful to plan your workout and then forget your gym clothes, shoes, gym pass, towels, etc. Create a checklist and place it somewhere you can see. If you work out in the morning, lay out your gym clothes ahead of time; that way, when you wake up, it’s easy and effortless. If you go to the gym at night, bring workout clothes with you to work so you can go right after.


I hope these tips help. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Featured in GQ, Men’s Health, and PopSugar, Anthony J. Yeung is the founder of GroomBuilder, the 8-week fitness program to transform the way men look for their wedding. Click here to get the FREE 5-day e-course to learn how to get in shape for the big day!