Guests Wore White for this Glam Winter Wedding!
December 30, 2016
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Donovan and Santini wanted their wedding "to be a type of event guests had never attended before." And man did they deliver. Thanks to industry legend, Colin Cowie they designed a black-tie affair with the women in white gowns to complement the snowy mountains of Utah surrounding them. Annie McElwain photographed this perfectly nontraditional day and you can find even more right here!
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From Annie McElwain Photography... When I met with Donovan and Santini at their offices at CAA, they told me they wanted their wedding to be a type of event guests had never attended before. They wanted things to be a little different than at an average wedding. The first thing they told me was that they wanted the ceremony to be AFTER dinner, when guests were relaxed and already seated. The two long dinner tables created an aisle that each groom walked down with his mother, meeting in the middle on a stage for everyone to see.

As a photographer who has shot weddings for over 10 years, I had never seen a couple have such freedom from a traditional timeline. Starting immediately with cocktail hour allowed for a relaxed flow to the evening that everyone enjoyed. Donovan and Santini said the most important thing to them was that their guests, who came such a long way to celebrate with them, have a great time.

Next, for their black-tie affair, they asked the women to wear white gowns, which created an incredibly chic look against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains of Utah. Then, once the ceremony was finished, the guests were lead through a sparkler arch to the reception area, where everyone danced through the night. The whole event was classy and incredibly stylish and Colin Cowie helped them design and plan the wedding of their dreams.