The Most Gorgeous Dress We've Ever Seen
December 29, 2016
Mid Atlantic
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For all of the brides that are reading today, I think we can stand in solidarity on one very important thing...the gown. We want to look in the mirror and believe that this dress was made for this moment, this girl, this day. It's everything. And one look at the bride in this next gorgeous wedding and I think the world will agree...this dress was made just for her. It's perfection. Add in an incredibly gorgeous design plus photographs from Simply Sarah that will bring you to tears and you get a gallery to obsess over.
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From the bride...We met the old fashion way! In March of 2010, we were both out with friends and as fate would have it, ended at a bar on the Lower East Side. We instantly caught each other's eye, though much credit is also due to one friend (who shall remain nameless) and his funny but decidedly bad dance moves - they were quite the conversation starter! By the end of the evening, we had exchanged numbers and went on a date the following Monday.

When we got engaged, we had been together over five years and had recently celebrated my birthday, however this one was without physical presents as Craig claimed my gift was an activity "unavailable" until a later date. Weeks later, due to bad weather, the surprise kept getting rescheduled and Craig, dropping a series of bizarre and completely misleading hints, had me completely stumped. Finally, on October 7th - a Wednesday - Craig told me to pack an overnight bag & after much mystery, we eventually boarded a private yacht and I was told that my birthday gift was a re-creation of one of our first dates. At sunset he popped the question to which I replied "Yes, Really??? Thank you!!!”and rapidly put him in a loving chokehold-like hug. That evening we checked into a suite at the Standard Hotel (another special place for us), ordered room service, ate french fries, and were just happy to start the next part of our story.

My favorite part of the wedding had to be our ceremony, especially because of our amazing string quartet & our meaningful program. We had changed officiants two weeks prior which resulted in some INTENSE, last minute marriage preparation sessions that really reminded us of why & how much we love each other. Our priest took letters we had written about each other & incorporated it into our ceremony which was so heartfelt and meaningful. Our second favorite part was getting to see everyone in the Anderson House gallery at cocktail hour - it was so beautiful & the first time we got to greet all our loved ones, friends & family, finally celebrating our wedding day.