Best Engagement Sessions of 2016
December 22, 2016
We may be known for weddings around here but weddings don't happen without engagements and we're big fans of celebrating every stylish step down the wedding planning aisle. And while plenty of engagement shoots may come our way, it's the unique, chic and love-filled fests that hit the home runs. Here are our favorites from 2016 - may they inspire all you newly engaged ladies and gents out there to make these memories extra special!
Not only is this hot air balloon e-shoot one of our favorites of the year, but it just may be one of the most amazing ever to grace SMP's pages. One look at these pics, and need we say more?
But don't be mistaken; you don't need to jet off in a giant balloon to score major points. Going classic - especially classic Cali - is never a bad idea. Timeless style plus natural beauty; it's a guaranteed gorgeous moment in the making.
If ever in doubt, go with a jaw-dropping, stunning (red!) dress and everything will be perfectly on point.
Got the stylish dress already and still looking for a bit of extra "oomph"? Paris does the trick. Always.
But then again, roaming the romantic streets of Italy, while still super stylishly decked out, is pretty fantastic as well.
While we'll always love the couples that GO BIG, we're also believers in GOING SMALL aka e-shoots in the comfort of your own home, where you and your soon-to-be can truly be yourselves and your photographer can capture that authenticity mixed with sweetness and tenderness galore.
Or simply step into your own backyard (or just down the street a bit). With the natural beauty all around - and may we say some boho chic styling that we're totally loving - capture you and your fiance just simply being together.
If looking to add a little extra personal touch to your session, may we recommend (aka encourage) including man's best friend.
Adding in a lady's best friend - aka beautiful blooms - isn't too shabby either.
But what truly stands out, what grabs ahold of our SMP heart strings is when the love and the smiles are so real that you can't help but fall head over heels and remember the adorable couple months and months later. Happy Engagement Planning all!