Sparkly Crop Tops Are 2017's Engagement Pics Must Wear Piece
December 20, 2016
These two fell in love the old fashioned way (and probably my favorite way)... over love letters. But when it came time for their engagement pics, this Bride-to-be went chic and modern with a sparkly crop top ensemble that's giving us major fashion inspo. Koman Photography captured it all for us to ooh and aah over - and leave us excited to see the stylish vibe they're bound to take for their wedding day too!
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From the Bride-to-be... DESTINED. This is the perfect word to describe us. Eric and I first met in Seoul, Korea back in 2002. We were introduced through a mutual friend. I was teaching English after graduating from college and he was serving a tour with the United States Army. We instantly connected and became close friends, enjoying each other’s company. Unfortunately, due to our careers our friendship never blossomed into a romance... not until 13 years later. After Korea, we lost touch, going our own separate ways. We randomly reconnected in October 2015, just days before he left on another overseas assignment. After that brief encounter, we were apart again (some 7,000 miles away!!!), but Eric knew that we were meant for each other.

Being fully convinced, he decided to pursue me in the most romantic way possible, he started by writing love letters. Although I wasn’t sure at first, it took me less than a few weeks to realize he was the one. Eric surprised me with a heartfelt proposal during a hiking trip we took along the coast of Carmel, CA. Wedding planning started immediately and the minute we confirmed the venue, everything else fell seamlessly into place. We knew that we wanted a small and intimate wedding to share our union with family and friends. We are very excited to start our lives together as ONE.