Hot Air Balloon Engagement for a Pilot Bride-to-be
December 13, 2016
Leave it to This Modern Romance to photograph one of THE coolest engagements to ever hit our pages. The bride Hillary, a pilot, wanted to involve her love flying and a hot air balloon photo session was just the ticket. Go see Hillary and Tim's incredible adventure waiting in the gallery this way.
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From the couple, Hillary + Tim... We chose to incorporate hot air balloons into our engagement photos because Hillary has always been inspired by hot air balloons. The simplicity of their design makes them not only beautiful to admire, but powerful enough to fly.

"Hot air balloons are symbolic of an adventure where you don't know where you'll end up when it's over. You have to be willing to go where the wind literally blows you. "


Hillary is a pilot, currently working as a flight instructor teaching people to do what she loves: how to fly. Tim works as an electrical engineer. Tim keeps her grounded and always coming back home but never passes up an adventure with her. In just the short two and a half years they've been together, they have traveled to Canada, Mexico, New Orleans, Seattle, Nashville and more. They plan on traveling the world together and already have plans to go on a Mediterranean cruise for their honeymoon.