Take Your Breath Away Anniversary Shoot
December 6, 2016
Summer Weddings
When I was pulling together this feature, I was torn on what to focus on. Because the images themselves are so utterly beautiful. The backdrop and the photos from Artiese Studios...breathtaking. The bride and her handsome groom...stunning. The Gossamer gown, the florals from Passion Roots, the everything. But then I read the sage advice that accompanied the piece (featured below) and thought that perhaps the real beauty was tucked into the story. Then I decided to just let you soak up all of the gorgeous and decide for yourself what you love the most. Click here for even more.
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From the Bride...My words of advice...for the wedding day, I'd say to make the celebration as personal as possible. At our wedding, we had our favorite pizza and played all our favorite songs and danced with our favorite people. Don't worry about everything being "perfect" because if you're surrounded by all the people and things you love, then it will be perfect. Bonus tip speaking as a photographer, plan your schedule/location around the light (no high noon ceremonies in the desert, please!)

For marriage, it's cliche but making time for each other is *so* important! Date nights at least once a month, and don't forget to kiss every single day! You might thing it sounds simple, but things get lost in the chaos! Everything in life can get so busy that you forget to really cherish each other, and it's so important to take a moment to step out of everything together and just enjoy being in each other's company once in a while.
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