Secrets to a Healthy Marriage from a Couple 58 Years In!
November 22, 2016
Fall Weddings
Harold and Lorraine have figured out the secret sauce to a happy marriage. For not only do they make 58 years of wedded bliss look easy, but their tips on how to make it last are completely applicable whether you're a newlywed or years in. See their advice below and all the adorable snaps from Maison Meredith Photography in The Vault!

Harold + Lorraine's Tips for a Lasting Marriage


Love each other

Respect each other (If you don’t respect each other, you will never get along! These first two tips are our most important ones.)

Say please + thank you

Worship together

Have a family

Plan your vacations together

Have vacations with your children (We’ve found that they especially like camping!)

Give each other some space! (It’s important to have separate hobbies apart from your spouse)

Be fair with each other. (Listen, discuss each person’s side together, and then choose which route is the best to go.)
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From the Lorraine...We got married in a little town call Kennan in north central Wisconsin 58 years ago! Both Harold and I are actually from this town, but we met in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up in Kennan, I knew Harold’s family name, but I never actually knew Harold. He was five years older than me so I didn’t know him in grade school or high school.

I moved to Milwaukee after I graduated and Harold moved to Milwaukee after he got out of the service, which ended up being around the same time. Harold was actually living with my cousin and the two of them were really good friends! Since I was so much younger than my cousin, however, I didn’t know him very well and hence didn’t even know that he had a roommate, nonetheless that Harold was his roommate! The first time we met was actually at a dance in Milwaukee. Harold thought I was cute and the rest is history. We dated for a year and a half before Harold proposed on Valentine’s Day.

On our honeymoon we went to Yellowstone National Park and Harold told me that he had been saving 50 cent pieces, one at a time, so that he could take me on the trip! We drove out there through the Rocky Mountains and I was scared to death!

Another favorite memory we have together is our big trip to Europe. Harold was in the service in Germany, so for our 25th Anniversary we took a trip to see where he had lived. We were also able to go to Switzerland, Austria, and Italy. One of the best memories from the trip actually took place in the airport overseas — we were changing airlines and started chatting with a couple standing nearby us in line. We learned that they lived 15 miles from us in a small town in Central Wisconsin. I could hardly believe it, it was awesome! It was just a fun trip and I’m thankful we were young enough to really enjoy it.

From Lorraine’s Granddaughter, Taylor... I have looked up to my grandparents my entire life. Their selfless love for one another and everyone in their life is admirable. They are always putting others first and deserved to have time for each other to capture that love and commitment to one another. They have told so many incredible stories over their lifetime, but the most captivating is their love story.

For my family and I, we will now be able to cherish these timeless photos forever. The photos will serve as a constant reminder to strive for a beautiful marriage filled with love, commitment, and laughter. The photos will be passed down to next generations in our family for years to come. There’s no doubt that people will be able to feel and be inspired by their love without ever having met them, and that is such a beautiful gift.