Plan a Gilmore Girls-Inspired Bachelorette Weekend!
November 21, 2016
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With T-minus four days until the highly anticipated Gilmore Girls revival (!!!) we're happily diving into a bachelorette weekend inspired by Lorelai and Rory themselves. Complete with good food, good coffee and loads of Stars Hollow-style charm, this is a weekend planned by Locklane Weddings & Events and photographed by Erin Lee Allender that any Gilmore Girl would love.

1. Channel your inner Paris Geller

Map out an itinerary for the weekend to include with the invites (you don't have to line them in pearls, but a little winsome formality never hurt anyone). You can emulate Lane’s free-spirit when the weekend rolls around, but a well-planned weekend promises plenty of time for fun.

2. Find your own Stars Hollow

Wherever you live, an adorable small town is probably within driving distance. Or maybe you are lucky enough to live in one! Either way, escape from the hustle and bustle and fully immerse yourself in a Stars Hollow-type experience. Bonus points if it’s a town festival weekend!

3. Check-in at the local Inn

Take a note from the Dragonfly Inn and stay at a local inn. Not only will you support a local business, but you'll enjoy a hometown vibe that can't be found at a hotel chain.

4. Keep caffeinated

Keep yourself caffeinated with coffee. The weekend should start and end with the most essential beverage of the Gilmore Girls!

5. Don't forget the books

Relax with a good read. Rory's bound to have packed at least one (if not multiple) books, so take a moment to sit down with a great book. Or, if you’re more of a Lorelai, grab several of the latest magazines.

6. Pack the swag bags

Surprise your bridesmaids with a perfectly Gilmore gift bag. Our bag from Batch incorporates a few favorites—a hat reminiscent of Luke, “Babette ate oatmeal,” coffee (need we say more?), snacks for sustenance, a bag to carry your loot, and a cute planner to keep track of all of the wedding events!

7. Embrace a Girls Night In

Skip the “girls night out” and have a “girls night in.” It’s Lorelai and Rory’s favorite thing to do. There are over 400 movies referenced in Gilmore Girls, so you have a nice library to pick from. Even better? All of the Gilmore Girls seasons are on Netflix! Settle in for a night of binge-watching.

8. Eat Like You Mean It

Food! We can't forget the Gilmore Girls favorite activity. Place an order for your favorite pizza, Chinese food, and probably some burgers and fries. Throw in a healthy dose of Mallomars, Red Vines, popcorn, and other tasty snacks. If you have a Sookie in your group, transform the typical Pop-Tarts into a gourmet treat!

9. Indulge in "Pattie's Punch"

Coffee will sustain us, but a fruity drink à la Miss Patty’s Founders Day Punch will entertain us.

10. Top it off with Pancakes

The weekend wouldn't be complete without pancakes! Take advantage of the inn’s breakfast in the morning, or scoot out and find a diner like Luke’s. A delicious breakfast and cups of warm coffee are the best way to wrap up a perfect "Gilmore Girls" bachelorette weekend!
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