Picnics + Proposals For One Sweet Couple
November 20, 2016
New England
Summer Weddings
With the help of Wayfair, we have an engagement scene straight out of a dream, with sips, snacks and a picnic setup that's near perfect. Ruth Eileen captured all the cute details and the adorable couple celebrating the start of their happily ever after. With a proposal reenactment for the camera's sake and lots of sweet kisses, this shoot is sure to make your Sunday! See every moment in our Vault right here!
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From the Couple... Our story began on a chilly day in January 2009 at Bowling Green State University, Ohio. We were both juniors in college and had several mutual friends - though unaware of the fact at that time. Kim, a fearless soul in a petite frame thought it would be funny to show up to the “guys house” in a youth size onesie - where Kevin happened to be. While Kim thought little of the exchanged hello and short amount of time they spent talking, she made a lasting first impression on Kevin. A few weeks later we ran into each other again at a Valentine’s Day party at another mutual friend’s house where we discovered our special connection and mutual interests in hockey, wine… and onesies.

After graduation, we moved in together and began life in the real world. Living in a big city, we loved planning weekend getaways to clear their minds, drink wine and enjoy the outdoors uninterrupted. Over the course of six years, our families became just as tight-knit as our bond and the conversation of getting married was always brought up. Although Kim would routinely dismiss the uncertainty in a laughing matter, Kevin was always poised - having it all planned out.

One weekend, Kevin organized a trip to spend the weekend at an unoccupied relative’s home with the plan to finally pop the question. Kevin had always envisioned a private, laid back and unexpected proposal so he knew this getaway would be the perfect opportunity to bring this vision to life. The weekend was peaceful and uneventful - just how they liked it - until Sunday arrived. After breakfast, Kevin asked Kim if she would like to take a walk around the pond nearby. Kevin began talking about their relationship and his excitement for their future as he turned around and got down on one knee. Kim thought Kevin was joking around and started laughing until he pulled the ring from his pocket. The laughs turned to tears as Kim realized what was actually happening.

We relived our proposal - this time with family nearby - in Boston, Massachusetts for our engagement photos. True to form, we're planning their wedding at a local winery in Leesburg, Virginia with close friends and family.