Breathtaking Beachside Wedding Inspiration
November 10, 2016
Summer Weddings
Are you in the midst of planning a beach wedding? Then we suggest you peek the pretty that is this inspiration from 2 Brides Photography to help plan your big day. It's ethereal, elegant and totally chic, and thankfully we've got every beautiful bit waiting for your to fall in love with via The Vault!
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From 2 Brides Photography...These shoots were both inspired by the unique landscape of rocks on this famous island of Fårö, where Ingmar Bergman well renowned film director, lived and worked. Fårö's unique light has attracted artist, painters and film makers throughout the years. Fårö is a small, 113 km-square, island in the Baltic Sea, linked by ferry to its larger neighbor, Gotland. Its landscape is distinctive: the entire island is made up of limestone rock, with areas of agricultural land interspersed with areas of scrubland. Ingmar Bergman about Fårö: "If one wished to be solemn, it could be said that I had found my landscape, my real home; if one wished to be funny, one could talk about love at first sight.

We did the sessions on 2 separate occasions. Day one we let the light and the colors of the early morning inspire us with it's shades of brown, blue and grey. Day two we were embedded by the mist and late evening lavender light and had that lead our way.

From Elins Art Studio about the blue, "Diva Maris" shoot...Picking out items for styling is often how the idea of the styling concepts unfolds for me. The delicacy of the porcelain hair accessories like the clay flowers reminded me of seashells from the ocean. So an ocean setting seemed necessary and our photographer Isabelle from 2 Brides Photography knew the perfect one. I chose a deep heavy petrol color to illustrate the foaming ocean on the printed goods and on the table wear. Accompanied by florals in light purple and blue, the color palette was set. And when choosing to just have an elopement just you and your groom, you need to make the wedding dinner memorable, and dine in a way you probably never will again.

About the yellow, "Golden Island Light" shoot...Being inspired by the ocean is such a wide concept and we have such marvelous colors on the beach! In this styling we decides on the brownish and yellow colors from the seaweed, clams, and the lichen on the raukar. And the golden sun came out to cooperate with us. A fierce goddess of a woman, standing tall and strong as the stone pillars surrounding her. The dresses fitting her perfectly and flattered her feminine curves. The headpieces reminding me of coral fern and the printed suite resembles sandy beaches.