Ideas for a Casual, Coastal Bachelorette Weekend
November 9, 2016
We're still on cloud nine from our Charleston Weddings Magazine collab and the fun continues as we deep dive into one of the shoots you'll find inside the latest issue. It's a coastal bachelorette weekend perfect for the bride who wants a low-key getaway with her favorite girls. Planned by Ooh Events and Vail Duggan at Rockville Retreat, you'll find everything from cozy wraps, to yummy bites, to champagne toasts in the mix. See all the pretty pics by Marni Rothschild and Justin Nathanson's films below.
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From Out of Hand... Who says your bachelorette weekend has to be in Vegas or in Florida? Ooh Events of Charleston, SC worked with future bride Kate Francis to help her plan a ladies weekend leading up to her Spring 2017 wedding to Alister Williams. Where the country road meets the coast is where you will find this Rockville Retreat!

Rockville, SC is located just south of Charleston and roughly 25 miles from the premier wedding city. With light winds and huge oaks, this area is ideal for a summer afternoon with friends and family.

The girls were greeted with champagne and macaroons by the future bride, followed by a relaxing day of catching up and wedding preparations. Waking up with coffee on the dock and ending the day with a cannonball sounds like a perfect weekend to me!