This Greek Wedding Is Total Floral Goals
November 7, 2016
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Do you find yourself daydreaming about florals? Well, you certainly will after you peek this pretty little party from Anna Roussos. Because when the couple just so happens to be MaRina (a singer who recently recorded song with James Arthur) and Wojciech Szczęsny (a footballer currently playing in Roma) then you know you're in for a treat. Blooming with romance (as designed and planned by De Plan V), it's a celebration that's chic beyond measure and we've got it all waiting for you below and in The Vault!
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From De Plan V...Mixing the luminous class captivated in the natural wonder of a pearl with ethereal elegance influences we created an evening that was eternally timeless ready to host this elegant wedding celebration overlooking the Athenian Riviera.

Colored with the chic palette of champagne crème, pure white pale pink, warm olive green and sparkles of gold, the open space bathed everyone with a feeling of fleeting opulence, where glows drift like pale shadows in every corner evoking bohemian romance and high aesthetic.

Majestic floral installations, fine crystal chandeliers, mirrors, luxurious textures, crystal glassware, chic dinnerware, myriads of candles and luring scenography effects had been the key elements for this sparkling wedding festivity!

The symbolic ceremony was inspired by the vast intimacy of the natural surroundings and the lake, which created a long dramatic aisle to really extend the moment upon bride arrived, under the inspiring sounds of the Italo-Scottish singer and songwriter Niki La Rosa, creating a ceremonious atmosphere.

The focal point of the area was a natural forming handmade arch enriched with abundance of flowers. A marvelous white carpet with the couple’s initials along with majestic amphoras dressed with poetic floral compositions had been added to an alluring scenery.

The guests had been seated in decapé tiffanies chairs placed in rows, while the afternoon light filtering through the trees giving a beautiful diffused light.

On wooden tables, an elegant synthesis of baskets, vintage boxes and crystal glasses, unique colourful flower compositions and herbs filled the ambience with chic fragrances.

Inspired by ethereal lightness a beautiful installation offered the guests wooden fans and craft cones with rice along with chic umbrellas for the females, as an elegant touch to enter the guests in the overall theme making them part of the wedding celebration!

The floral design in both ceremony and reception was composed of peonies, garden roses and hydrangea. It was inspired by gardens at night fall in which pales and luminous blooms seem to glow in the dark.

In the reception welcome area an antique style synthesis, a spectacular display enriched with floral compositions called the guests to indulge into delicate tastes artfully platted. Crystal antique vases had been filled with French macaroons, miniature meringues, cup cakes drizzled with icing, naked cakes and white paper craft cones.

In the dinner area the main theme included mirrored tabletops, plenty of candles in crystal glasses, luxury linen napkins, haute design dinnerware, crystal sous plats, golden cutlery, crystal vases in different sizes and forms with marvelous flower compositions creating an impressing art de la table! Every element was carefully designed to create a dreamy scene bustling with elegance and sparkle. Key decoration element was the spectacular display of fresh flowers, covering the wall behind the wedding table!

For the party time the lounge area was transformed into a royal elegant scenery, where the guests could relax enjoying the sea view along with the atmospherically live concert by James Arthur. On the lounge area mirrored tables, plenty of lanterns and crystal vases filled with candles and flowers had been placed creating an alluring scenery for this talented, inspiring photogenic, fairy tale young couple.