A Stylish Wedding Weekend in the South of France
October 29, 2016
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In case you needed a little virtual escape, we've got just the ticket. It's a celebration set in the South of France with an avant-garde style, taking wedding design to the next level. Clayton Austin photographed, MotionCraft Creative filmed, and we have the entire wedding weekend right at your fingertips.
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From the Bride...Wow! What fantastic memories we have from our fabulous wedding day! Those who know Allan and I had a feeling that we would try to create something unique once we had announced our engagement. It helps that I am a Communication Designer and a self-confessed detail freak! I am obsessed about the details and the little touches that can make events so special.

When I began planning the wedding, there were so many things that were important to me. But above all else, I wanted the day to be about us. I didn’t just want it to be pretty and beautiful. What I really wanted were little details to catch the eye, helping to make the day special for both us and our guests.

All that being said, the challenges soon began to mount up and we decided very quickly that we needed a wedding planner to help us on our exciting journey. We had already begun researching and visiting locations, so once we knew we wanted to have it in the South of France, we started contacting some planners. Pretty much straight away we found the team at By Mademoiselle C. For all you brides-to-be reading this, planning a wedding is so challenging on its own. But planning a wedding abroad without making a trip to the location every week is just about impossible. So find yourself a good planner!

As a designer who has worked on a variety of projects and also happens to be German, I immediately began thinking very strategically about the whole thing. Once I had decided upon the planner, location and venue, I started dreaming and imagining the whole thing in my spare time. This was the most challenging bit for me. I knew that I would style, design and create all our wedding stationery myself, but it actually didn’t help being a professional designer – I simply had too many possibilities flying around in my head. I knew I would definitely send printed invitations as I am obsessed with beautiful paper. My goal was to create something that we could send out which symbolized the wedding mood itself and what the guests could expect when it came to colors, fabrics, and the look/feel of the day. This was hard as I had to start envisioning everything without having planned all of the actual details. But, it all came together beautifully. We sent out a pale blue custom-made box, embossed with a copper wedding crest which I had designed out of our initials and some abstract lavender illustration.

I started putting together color palettes using Pantone color cards. Slowly but surely I had the courage to start putting a presentation together using InDesign and it included all the little things I had discovered which had made me excited about the big day. I collected and scanned hand-written letters from my husband’s aunt. She had written little sayings and phrases taken from the family in beautiful handwriting and seeing as I love (love, love!) calligraphy, this was a perfect little touch.

I thought about colors that make us both happy. Even though I am a huge pastel fan, but I found the colors to be a little too playful for a wedding day. Instead, I decided to go with washed out pastels. They are much more reserved but also so elegant. Blush, dove grey, pale blue and pale lilac were the shades we chose. Step-by-step, we edged closer to our actual look for the day. In a nutshell: poetic, fabric pastel, glamorous. On the big day itself, we were finally able to see all the little details fall into place at the venue itself. It was just so beautiful and I was so happy that guests loved all the little touches I had been carefully agonizing over for so long.

Looking back I wouldn't change a thing. I had such an amazing time, and both the videographer, Sebastian, and our genius photographer, Clayton, were just fantastic on the day. They both captured the day in a magical way!
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