The Dreamiest Desert Engagement Session

Can we please have an in-depth discussion about how incredibly BEAUTIFUL this engagement session is?! Captured by Kyle John Photography, it’s Joshua Tree like you’ve never seen it before. From the sweetest (and coolest) couple we’ve ever seen, it’s all waiting for you to fall madly in love with via The Vault!

From Linn PettersonWe were road-tripping through California, when Jessica and Daniel flew out to meet us at Joshua Tree. None of us had been there before, so we were astounded by the breathtaking beauty we found in this otherworldly place. The stark landscape, with crumbling boulders, and cacti stretching toward the harsh sun, was so extraordinary and provided a complimentary backdrop for the genuine tenderness Jessica and Daniel expressed toward each other throughout our session together. It was such a pleasure spending the day with this couple. Watching their playful interactions and unguarded love for one another was inspiring. At the end of the day we climbed up on top of one of the boulders and watched as the sun slowly colored the golden landscape red, then purple then pitch dark, leaving only the moon and the stars as sources of light. And feeling slightly sentimental, we headed home, thankful for the unsurpassable gift of nature, and the unassuming greatness of the love that had unfolded before our eyes.

Photography: Kyle John Photography | Styling: Linn Petterson