A Wedding Every Southern Bride Needs to See
October 25, 2016
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Simply put, this wedding is the epitome of Southern elegance. It's a day steeped in faith, family, and tradition with details like a custom crest designed by Lemontree Calligraphy & Illustration and a live painter at the ceremony to capture the scene. A Charleston Bride planned Morgan and Daniel's celebration and the incredible Simply Sarah Photography is to thank for every last photo.
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From the Bride...I transferred schools my sophomore year of high school, and as I was walking out to the carpool line the first day, I saw the most handsome boy standing outside waiting on his mom. I hopped straight in the car and told my mom I had just seen “THE cutest boy alive,” and searched for him all night on Facebook and found nothing. The next day, I told my only friend at school I had at the time about the boy I had seen the day before but I didn’t have enough details for her to know exactly who it was. Embarrassingly I have to admit we decided his nickname would just be “baby” (he had a baby face) until I could figure out his name. She finally figured out who I was talking about and she told me that “baby” was Daniel Fields and he was a freshman.

I sent the text and he responded and really from that point forward the conversation never stopped. We talked all summer long and would ask each other every question in the book. I finally mustered up the courage to ask him to go out to eat with my family and our best family friends and he agreed. After that first night of hanging out we practically hung out every single day after and were absolutely obsessed with each other. We became each other’s best friend and truly were a part of one another’s families.

We dated for two years, and then it was time for me to go off to college. Much to my dismay, we decided that we needed to break up and have time to really mature and take advantage of all the opportunities we could without always basing our decisions on one another. It absolutely crushed me, but I knew if it was meant to be the Lord would find even the craziest way to bring us back together and He most certainly did. We decided to start dating again and it honestly felt like nothing had ever changed. Of course we were much more mature than we were in high school, but it was just like it was always meant to be. Immediately, we were one another’s best friend again and we didn’t do anything without the other. Our families were overjoyed and we were one big happy family all over again.

Really, our wedding day was everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. All of the details we planned beforehand made me so incredibly anxious for the big day and when I saw them in person it was like a real-life fairy tale come true.

As special as all of the moments were, nothing was sweeter than standing at the top of the aisle, connecting eyes for the first time that day with my groom, and seeing all of our family and closest friends standing there to witness our marriage. Knowing that each of our guests traveled all the way to Charleston to celebrate with us was overwhelmingly touching, but even more so knowing that each of those people has greatly encouraged, supported, prayed for, loved, and mentored Daniel and me was an indescribable feeling. From the start of the planning process, we committed to making our wedding day a gift for our guests as much as it was a celebration for us, so to see the smiles on their faces the whole night was absolutely priceless!
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