Nautical Meets Chic Style for this Romantic Indoor Celebration
October 20, 2016
Mid Atlantic
NauticalModernEvent Venue
There's no denying we see lots of gorgeous al fresco celebrations here at SMP and there's also no denying that they're amazing. But sometimes ya' need a little change of pace because let's get real - not every wedding can take place in the great outdoors. And when a venue is as stunning as this one, there's no need to head outside. These two said "I do" surrounded by light and sparkle and Michael and Carina captured it all, giving us ideas and inspiration to fill our eager Pinterest pages - see it all this way!
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From Michael and Carina Photography... A crystal decorative sailboat, clear chairs, a sailcloth arbor and this bride's dress are just so dreamy! An indoor wedding, like Alysha and Max's, is a wonderful opportunity to create a bespoke ceremony and reception space. Our couple was inspired by the nearby ocean and included clear, blue and boat elements. The clear chairs and the large sail-inspired ceremony arch made the interior of the venue appear larger and almost created the illusion of being aboard a ship. Such a unique idea! Alysha's bouquet of wild greenery added to the windswept feel and her long-sleeved lace gown made this wedding one of the most elegant celebrations of our season.

From the Bride... Six years ago, I entered college absolutely sure that I was not going to date anyone seriously while I worked towards my degree. Within the first month, some friends invited me to a birthday party for someone I did not know. As it turned out, the handsome, confident, and engaging guy teasing me about eating mints at a party was the guest of honor. He asked me out the next day, and very soon I realized he was someone special. He was the most understanding, protective, and interesting man I had ever dated, and I knew he was the one I was meant to marry.

Less than a year afterwards, he graduated and moved five hours away, and we transited into a long-distance relationship - only seeing each other once a month. Through this, we developed an incredibly strong sense of patience, trust, and appreciation. After about two and half years of long-distance dating, Max moved back north for us to be closer together and made the decision to propose! He organized the most amazing surprise. He took me to a phenomenal dinner and afterwards walked me to a hidden marina. He then led me onto a houseboat he had rented, which was decorated with candles and roses. He proposed inside and we danced on the deck to our song while fireworks burst above us. It was like a fairy tale, and we wanted our wedding to be just as special.

About our wedding: As our engagement was on the water with fireworks overhead, we hoped our wedding could imitate the same look. In Norfolk, Virginia, we found a neat cruise ship stop overlooking the Elizabeth River. The modern design, three-story glass wall, and glossy beige floor inspired us to feature neutral monochromatic tones and clean lines, balanced with classic black accents and pops of greenery. The SS Wisconsin was docked at the complex, so we knew we had to tastefully incorporate a nautical flair.

For our ceremony, we brought in a 20 foot high mast, and draped ivory tulle through to set the clean, modern, and nautical look we wanted. We also wanted to play on the reflective quality of the room and decorated it with candles, fairy lights, starry light projectors, and a gorgeous crystal ship chandelier. We hoped it would look like you were on a ship deck at night, where you can see the overhead stars and their light bouncing off the waves.

To coordinate with the rounded glass wall, we used glass vases and candle holders, clear Chiavari chairs, and glass mug favors. Mixed with the candles, the shimmery rose-gold bridesmaid dresses, and the layers of lighting, the room twinkled from floor to ceiling! The venue had a gorgeous glass-blown chandelier that made for our moon atop the dance floor. As the evening came to an end, Max and I shared a last dance alone in our sparkling room, while our song played overhead - just like our engagement night. We are so thankful for the friends, family, and vendors who helped put together such a beautiful and special evening.