Lovely Bride's Founder Spills What Really Happens at Bridal Market
October 18, 2016
Bridal Fashion Week is not for the faint of heart. It entails five days of running around New York City from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., frantically trying to make it to every runway show, presentation and appointment you can squeeze into your day. But when you get to see hundreds, if not thousands, of gorgeous wedding dresses, it's so worth it. And when you own Lovely Bride and get to shop for these wedding dresses, it's even better. Just ask the lovely Lanie List.
Bridal Market is like our Superbowl. We get pumped up, we cheer, then we celebrate post game. After a quick pre-game espresso, we started our day at Watters, where Lovely shops (there are 12 of us now!) got our own private show. You would think one picture would suffice, but we all want to get the perfect shot.
Next up, we stop by a fan favorite, Project Runway alum, Leanne Marshall. Her gowns are so stunning and unique that we can never chose just one. We end up buying ALL of the variations of her new raincloud gown. This gown was a happy accident when Leanne got her popular Gabrielle gown back from a shoot and it was totally smudged. Rather than toss it, she continued the theme by handpainting blue/gray steaks along the silk organza skirt and raincloud dress was born. This dress has since been ‘liked’ over 10,000 times on Instagram and shared hundreds of thousands of times on Pinterest! Needless to say, we need all of the rainclouds!
When we head to the Theia runway, we get right in there and touch the merchandise. The talented Irish designer, Don O’Neill, creates fabrics that are so tactile and fun to be in. They have movement and energy, but feel great on the body. This one happened to be light as a feather even though it’s so ornate.
Then we end our day with a pleasant surprise, discovering a new design talent out of Australia, Kyha Simpson from One Day bridal. Her new ‘Chosen’ collection is wholesaling in the US for the first time and almost all Lovely shops snatched it right up! Some of our favorite gowns have unique laces, pink tints (a Lovely signature), sexy cut outs and embellishments that feel bohemian and luxe at the same time.
When we stumbled on this beauty one of our Lovelies thinks she may have found her wedding gown! It’s easy to decide which gowns to buy for our shops when one of our very own would select it for her own wedding!
Hope you enjoyed a peek into our day. These beauties will be arriving in our shops in the Spring, so we hope you liked what we have selected for you!


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