The Chicest Shoot at a Castle We've Ever Seen
October 15, 2016
Summer Weddings
Inspired by the idea of contrast - and the striking beauty often found there - this styled shoot captured by 2 Brides Photography leaves us breathless. From the gorgeous, chic big bun on this bold bride to her jumpsuit that is making us green with envy, every single bit is on point. And we haven't even gotten to the florals! The colors! The wild abandon! We could go on forever raving about these pics but save yourself the time and head to our Vault for all of them - it's totally time well spent.
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From 2 Brides Photography... Maybe, sometimes love isn't always about being as one. Maybe sometimes it's about allowing each other to be unique? Finding harmony in the contrast between your different personalities. This conundrum is something we’re incorporating into the styling of this shoot. The contrast between two persons can be visual, much as the contrast between high-end fashion and an medieval castle. Or as between tin and lace, plexiglass and solid rock. Contrasting materials and colours, displaying how two people can come from different worlds but still fit perfectly together.

Set in the historic castle of Brahehus, located in between the two biggest cities in Sweden, is where we choose to play out the story. This fortress, built 1637 by Count Magnus Brahe, is now house of the crows. From the castle’s fascinating history we spun a vision of legends and fairy dust put in modern day Sweden. A table set with tin plates that contrasts beautifully with the plexiglass in chairs and invitations, the concept starts to unfold. The bride is from a different town, a different class, and dresses in a jumpsuit and lace cape. The groom dresses up beautifully in the midnight blue tuxedo, and their different personalities are equally shown.