#Carbivore Treats + Pretty Petals Led the Way for this Beautiful Backyard Bash
October 14, 2016
New England
Al FrescoRusticBackyard
When the Bride is a wedding planner herself and you have your own 36 acre farm to host your celebration on, you know it's gonna be good. But that was just the beginning. Add in a creative escort card packed with petals and a menu filled with carbs and ice cream (aka my personal menu of choice) and it's a home run. And in case you need to see to believe, we have Ruth Eileen's inspiring images all in our Vault right this way - can we say happy Friday or what?!
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From the Bride... Scott and I were married at our home a few weeks after celebrating our six year anniversary. After planning so many "backyard" weddings for clients, I always swore when I got married I would never do so at home because of the all the stress that comes with hosting a wedding at your house! Of course, it was one of the most important things to Scott. He was so excited to show off our 36-acre farm we purchased three years ago and have put so much love into to make it our dream house. So, after he proposed on the 4th of July, I hit the ground fast trying to secure my must have vendors for our wedding. I loved how Ruth Eileen captured the couples she was shooting. As a planner, Im always so focused on how the details of a wedding are shot, but when it came to my wedding day, I realized I really cared about how we were captured and Ruthie does it so incredibly. We hit it off from our very first meeting and it was a treat to have her present on our wedding day. The photos tell so many stories and I can't wait to share them for years to come. The White Apron was a no brainer for catering. The fact that they prepared such an incredible meal in our garage still blows my mind. Our guests are still raving about their dinner and Scott's 83 year old grandfather insists he had the best beef of his life on our wedding night. Katie from Sweet Annie Floral took my all-white, wild and carefree vision and made it into a reality. She didn't even bat an eye when I decided to change our centerpiece vessels three days before the wedding (yeah, I did that).

For Scott and I, the ceremony was the most important and special part of the whole wedding day. My dad and I drove up in his 1969 AMX which we would take for hamburgers and curly fries every summer Tuesday night when I was little. We decided against doing a first look, so when the doors opened at the ceremony, neither of us could hold back our emotions. I saw no one else but Scott for those few moments I walked down the aisle. Apparently, I made an impression on Scott too because he totally forgot to come meet me and my dad at the first row... he stood motionless for quite some time until his Best Man reminded him what he was supposed to do.... that has to be one of my favorite moments from the ceremony!

I look at countless wedding blogs every day and have seen so many trends come and go, so when it came to designing our day, I wanted to keep the palette neutral and simple and let the surrounding property be the star. Mixed metallics, grays and white were used throughout. Katie Kerrigan added beautiful calligraphy to our signage and the escort card wall I dreamt up after seeing a cute flower display at a farmers market last year. Each guest had a personal bag of bread stamped "#Carbivore" because of my borderline obsession with all things carbs and our social media obsessed guest list.

From the get go, we knew we wanted our wedding to be a giant celebration with lots of surprises for our guests. One of my favorites was Scott rolling onto the dance floor late at night on Sweet B's Ice Cream Cart. Scott's family has owned a local ice cream stand for decades and since he's not a big fan of cake, we decided it would be fun to feed each other ice cream instead of the traditional cake cutting. When I couldn't find a cute way to serve the ice cream, Sweet B's Ice Cream Cart was born (named after one of the nicknames for our dog!). We set off fireworks while "Born in the USA" played in the background as a nod to our July 4th anniversary and the day we got engaged and the dance floor was packed until 1am thanks to Jeff from Beat Train Productions.