A Pastel Ballroom Wedding Covered Head to Toe in Florals
October 6, 2016
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When it comes to a wedding, you can never have too many florals. Period. Just take a peek at this glamorous day designed in the hands of Brooke Keegan Special Events wtih White Lilac, and you'll completely agree. The couple was surprised with this view at their reception, and in the words of the bride, "We felt as if we were entering a storybook. What a way to begin our lives together." Kudos to The de Jaureguis duo and Cloudless Weddings for beautifully documenting every single bit.
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From the Bride...

How did you meet?

Rick and I first met at a mutual friend’s wedding. Rick was the best man in the wedding and I was a guest. After the wedding reception, Rick and I ended up sharing a cab to the after party. We immediately hit it off and exchanged numbers. A few weeks later, Rick asked me on our first date to a Texas Rangers baseball game. Needless to say, weddings have always been special to us!

How did he propose?

Rick is a firm believer in the fact that an engagement should be a complete surprise. Well, he stood by his word. I always told him that when or if he ever proposed to make sure I was looking my best. That didn’t exactly happen, because he always thought it would take away from the surprise. At the time, Rick lived in Austin, Texas and I lived in Houston, Texas. He came in town one weekend to visit and arrived at my apartment before I got home from work. This wasn’t unusual. When I walked into my apartment there was an enormous beautiful flower arrangement on my dining room table. Right in front of the flower arrangement was two bridal magazines. A little post-it note was stuck to one magazine that read “finally”. I turned to him with a confused look as he said “you might need these”, as he got down on one knee and proposed. After the proposal, Rick told me I had one hour to get ready and that he had the entire night planned. As I was finishing up getting ready I heard a knock at my door. It was my parent’s, sister, and brother-in-law. We all went out to dinner to celebrate the proposal!

Tell us about your experience with the planning process?

The thought of planning a destination was very intimidating. Once I saw The Resort at Pelican Hill, I knew it would all be worth it. I could not have planned this wedding without the help of my wonderful mother, my husband, Heather from Brooke Keegan Special Events, and Dodi from White Lilac. Rick and I knew that we wanted our ceremony and reception to be beautiful and run smoothly but we also wanted it to be a lot of fun! Heather’s calmness and sweet-natured personality along with her knowledge of wedding planning helped our special day run smoothly. Dodi from White Lilac has an amazing ability to take a vision and run with it. During our meetings, his excitement about his ideas and plans was infectious. The band Impulse from West Coast Music brought the party. There was never a dull moment on the dance floor and that’s exactly what Rick and I wanted.

How was your wedding day experience?

Our wedding day was perfection. Each of us prepared for the big event separately with our best friends and family members. We decided to do a first look because we knew that neither of us would be able to hold it together if we saw each other for the first time walking down the aisle. We wanted to have an intimate and private moment together before we said our vows in front of everyone. The ceremony was magnificent. The day had been a little overcast and rainy and just before the ceremony began the sun came out shining its rays down on one of the most gorgeous venues you can imagine. We had Ricks long time minister and friend preside at the ceremony which made it very special. The rotunda looked magical draped in the white and cream fabric. The chandeliers glistened in the sunlight. Dodies’s signature rose petals down the aisle made the perfect invitation for me to walk down the aisle with my precious father. A true moment to remember.

The reception, which took place in the Mar Vista Ballroom, was breathtaking. The flowers were incredible. When Dodie said floral heavy, he meant floral heavy!! We felt as if we were entering a storybook. What a way to begin our lives together. Everything was perfect, every detail that you can imagine was there, even better than I had ever anticipated. The staff at Pelican Hill was so professional and helpful. The dinner was served one table at a time with each waiter presenting the guests at the same time with a piping hot course of their choice.

The photographers and videographers captured the greatest moments of the reception without hardly being noticed. The Ice sculpture with our signature drink, the gelato bar, and the cigar bar were perfectly located and enjoyed by all of our guests. The Photo booth was a great place to visit and have some silly fun. The band Impulse had all of the guests on their feet dancing all night long. That in itself was an event not to be missed. The evening could not have been better! After we made out getaway, the guests were served sliders and late night snacks. A perfect ending to a perfect day!

What did you plan for the honeymoon?

We decided on a honeymoon in Thailand. We wanted out trip to include culture, adventure, and relaxation. We started in Bangkok exploring the city and experiencing the culture. It was so beautiful and peaceful and the perfect wrap up for the first days of our lives as a married couple.