This Is What Happens When College Cuties Get Married
September 30, 2016
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Brent and Christine's wedding is essentially what we like to describe as total wedding goals. For their California celebration is sun-kissed, sentiemntal, and totally sure to surprise. Captured by the effortlessly talented Jen Rodriguez Photography we've got every bit of the beauty to share and you're invited to witness it all in The Vault!
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From the Groom... Christine has this mesmerizing energy that even after 9 years of knowing her still makes my heart skip a beat when she walks into a room and we lock eyes. Marrying your best friend is a blessing I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience.

From the Bride... Our relationship is unique because it evolved over nine years. A college flirtation that grew into a friendship after graduation, evolved into a romance 8 years later. The foundation of our relationship was built while we were best friends and I think that's what has made our relationship so strong and so special to us both. In our case "sometimes everything you're looking for is standing right in front of" rings true! We met one night at a college party. Brent threw out a cheesy pick up line, and though the line didn't work a playful flirtation began that would continue over the years as our friendship evolved.

We met at Cal Poly so San Luis Obispo holds a very special place in both our hearts. We are still close with many of our mutual Cal Poly friends so it was an obvious place to reunite everyone and share our special day. We wanted the wedding to play on the natural beauty of the central coast. We stuck to a neutral color palette and incorporated local signature touches such as wine barrels for cocktail tables and a wood palette for our guest "book". I lost my breath when I reached the aisle and locked eyes with Brent. I was so anxious to see him that the beauty of the ceremony and the emotion of finally having him so close hit me all at a once. I tried hard to stay composed but in that moment the tears welled and all of my emotions washed over me; my florist and planner had captured my vision perfectly and seeing the man of my dreams amidst it all is a moment I will cherish forever.

Enjoy every moment of your special day; from the moments with your bridesmaids before the ceremony to dancing with your husband at the reception. Brent and I promised each other once we were pronounced husband and wife we wouldn't let go of each other's hand the rest of the evening, and we didn't. People will try to pull you in every which direction for side chats, photos, etc. And it's easy to lose sight of one another amongst the guests. We wanted every moment of that day to be spent with one another, so we grabbed a hold of one another's hand at the altar and never let go. Wherever one of us went that evening the other followed, and I wouldn't have had it any other way.

I can truly say the entire reception we spent embraced in one another's arms. Take a moment during the reception to step back, smile and just hold each other close while watching loved ones dance the night away. Capture that moment in your mind. I can still remember standing with Brent on the side of the dance floor, smiling at one another, Brent planting a kiss on my forehead, and us gazing out onto the dance floor watching friends and family dance amongst one another. It is one of my favorite moments from my special day.