Charming Vintage-Inspired Wedding In Chicago
September 28, 2016
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When you meet "the one" while on a business trip, pretty amazing things happen. Just take Leslie and Euan who found one another when they were least expecting it, and later planned the wedding of their dreams. Incredible vendors like LOLA Event Productions, Brian Dorsey Studios, Toast and Jam, Nika Vaugha, and Robinson Press brought the day to life and it's all waiting right here.
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Leslie and Euan met in a way they were least expecting – through work! Leslie traveled to Canada for a business trip and unexpectedly met her husband-to-be.

After a quick introductory coffee, they both knew they wanted to see each other again. Their managers knew it too – calling them out when they were both blushing after being asked what they were doing that night. After a whirlwind few days together, they embarked on a long-distance relationship that was built to last.

When it came time to propose, Euan sweated through a day of mishaps before finally popping the question. The couple had traveled to Charleston for a weekend getaway, and Euan had it all planned out. Little did he know Leslie would spill an entire iced coffee all over her nicest shirt, almost discover the ring in his shorts pocket, and then announce how cute it was that her coworker got engaged at the very spot he planned to do it. Being an improviser, he brought her to a bench overlooking the water and pulled the ring out of his pocket at the perfect moment. “I was so surprised! I was almost confused because it happened so fast!” Leslie says. And of course she said yes.

Leslie and Euan both work in events, so they dove into planning without batting an eye. Overall, they knew they wanted it to feel intimate, personal and welcoming. This led them to choose the Ravenswood Event Center for their celebration – the space provided the perfect amount of intimacy and flair. They decorated the venue in a classic style with details brought in from the places that mean the most to them: Scotland, Toronto, New York, London and Chicago. They used vintage postcards as their table numbers, and hand wrote each guest a note thanking them for coming to their big day.

Their advice for couples planning a wedding? Choose the things that really matter to you and get them right, then don’t sweat the rest. It will all come together! Also, remember to slow down and enjoy your day as much as possible – it’s not often you have everyone you love in one place so take advantage of it!