Colorful Garden Wedding at a Charming Inn
September 27, 2016
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You'd be hard-pressed to find a couple as ridiculously cute as Michael and Marina. They planned a summertime garden wedding, rich with meaningful details and a ceremony anchored in tradition. New Vintage Media captured the day and you can see the gallery right here and the film below!
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New Vintage Media... Michael and Marina's wedding was an absolute joy to photograph. These two unlikely soulmates met through a mutual friend and Michael was immediately won over by Marina's charm, wit and no-nonsense personality. Marina, on the other hand, took some time to come around and was finally won over by Michael's genuinely sweet heart and never looked back. The two of them are a pair for a lifetime.

Their wedding day began with the details and preparations laid out perfectly: stationary was arranged, flowers were assembled, and the bridesmaids in their beautiful kimonos were ready to see the bride walking down the stairs for the first time. In her modest but stunning off-the-shoulder Barbara Allen gown and boutique White Ribbon ballet flats, Marina looked amazing and couldn't wait to see Michael for the first time.

Michael, full of excitement, opened gifts from Marina (and her mother) including embroidered cufflinks and personal letters from the time of their engagement and we all teared up as the reality of the special day hit him like a gust of sweet wind.

The couple is traditional Coptic Orthodox, which is a traditional Egyptian take on Christianity, and in this tradition the Groom walks the Bride down the aisle, signifying beginning their new journey together. So, the first time the Groom sees the Bride is not at the end of the aisle but at the start of it. Marina walked up the Church steps and tapped Michael on the shoulder, and as he turned around he couldn't hold back his tears. The two of them linked arms, whispered secrets and walked down the aisle together. This Crowning Ceremony - a moment in this special ceremony where both the Bride and Groom are crowned - was beautiful and signified the "official" completion of the marriage, much like "tying the knot" in other ancient traditions.

Following the ceremony, we headed to the beautiful and quiet Nestleton Waters Inn for photos in the field and in the forest with the bridal party, and a gorgeous and meaningful reception in the evening. The couple shared a beautiful first dance and special tribute was paid to their respective families, who blessed the marriage and encouraged them to enjoy a bright and lovely future together.

Working with couples like Marina and Michael makes this job as a photo and cinema team so meaningful to us, and we can't wait to watch them grow together as the years go by.