A Chance Meeting in a New City Turned Into a Happily Ever After
September 26, 2016
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Whether or not you believe in fate, this love story is proof that meeting "the one" often happens just when you least expect it. Take the bride Molli who had just moved to a new city and, prompted by her dad's advice, struck up a conversation with strangers at a local burger bar. One of those strangers later turned out to be her husband, Zach. They planned a wedding at the Allan House and you can dive into the pictures from JP Pratt Photography.
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Their love story.. Newly graduated, Molli moved to Orlando, Florida for a new job. It was a new city and she didn't know anyone in town. Lonely, and seeking community, she called her dad asking for advice. In all his fatherly wisdom, he told her to find the best "hangout" spot in town and wait to meet someone. She took his advice and ended up at a local burger bar! After sheepishly sharing her dad's advice with the bartender, he pointed out a group of locals who shared a career in the same industry as Molli - sports. She got up the courage and walked over, introduced herself, and became friends with the group. Little did she know, she had just met her husband, Zach, and all of his closest friends!

Zach went to school in Austin and took Molli to visit his alma mater while they were dating. She quickly fell in love with the city and they even adopted a dog and named him Austin! Zach's work took them to Utah and he proposed on the Snake River Overlook at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains. As they began to plan their wedding, their choice on location was obvious... It had to be in Austin, Texas! It was so clear how in love Molli and Zach were on their wedding day but it was also so incredible to see how loved they are by their friends and family.

Guests traveled from 18 different states and even Italy to celebrate these two! They had a beautifully intimate ceremony under a canopy of trees at The Allan House just outside of Downtown Austin. Following the ceremony was the outdoor reception which was accompanied by an incredible live band and loads of dancing. Everything from the greenery, peonies and ranunculus floral arrangements to the basketball shaped peanut butter cake pops, and the fresh lemon curd and raspberry filled cake screamed Molli and Zach. My favorite detail about their day was their grand exit. As they left for their honeymoon in Italy, their guests waved Italian flags as they ran to their getaway vehicle - a pedicab!