Stunning Color Palette Inspiration for the Fall Bride
September 26, 2016
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It's officially THAT time of year. The time when we pull out of the cozy blankets, drink all the pumpkin lattes we can get our hands on (#noshame) and stare at the all the fall inspiration shoots from our favorite vendors. *Enter* this pretty from Honey And Cinnamon Italian Wedding Planner + photographed by Sophie Epton. One peek at the first image and you'll see why we're madly in love.
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From Honey & Cinnamon Italian Wedding Planner... Lost in the beauty of the Tuscan countryside, this bridal inspiration was particularly treasured because of the impressive venue we have found and of the magic you can breathe all around, with its stunning garden, the amazing villa, and the ancient charming atmosphere. That was exactly what we wanted to create and we specifically choose a palette with touches of burgundy and blush to enhance the styling with a vibrant beautiful color. The styling conceived by Federica, from Honey and Cinnamon, was simple but refined in very few details.

“I imagined a delicate and elegant bride, walking down the paths of the amazing Italian Garden, where perfect hedges create an amazing view for the visitor and the wisteria dominate all. We created elegance with a stunning bridal dress created by Anna Fucà Atelier, a very soft gown made or organza with a precious body made with delicate lace. The bride was beautifully prepared by the talented touch of Organic Brides with neutral shades to give this ethereal refined touch. She wore a unique hair piece designed by Orchidée de Soie, shoes by Bella Belle and above all the stunning jewels of Susie Saltzman to give a touch of pure elegance to this romantic set. She was embracing a gorgeous bouquet born from the talent of ISA’ Events, specifically designed loose and messy in the beautiful shades of dusty rose and burgundy of peonies, hellebore, ranunculus, roses and viburnum all together magically mixed. Sophie was able to capture the true essence of this work, giving everything a sense of ethereal elegance. Working with her was pure magic!"

Various the sets we re-created: a walk in the Italian garden, sitting down in the shade of the imposing sculpture where romantic ceremonies are often celebrated and where a beautiful cake created by Alessandra Frisoni was standing for its shots the marvelous view of the Tuscan hills, a romantic table set for two in the lawn in front of the pool where the elegance of the stationery suite conceived by The Little North Sea Studio, a pose in front of the villa and dreaming of her romantic and never-ending love.
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