The Sweetest Picnic Proposal!
September 24, 2016
Just when we thought we've seen every possible proposal out there, Sarah Pascutti Photography sends along this pretty lil' picnic. Sun-kissed and totally sweet, this vineyard affair is sure to set your hearts ablazing and we've got every delicious bit waiting for you in The Vault!
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From Sarah Pascutti Photography... I recently traveled to Italy for the first time and let's just say, when your last name rhymes with "spaghetti," there's a good chance you're going to be hooked! I came back feeling inspired by the colorful streets and passionate people and refreshed from the laid-back lifestyle, that puts family over career, and never turns down a good meal to be shared among friends! Growing up a southern girl, I was ready to put my own spin on what that Italian life would look like back here in the North Carolina summertime. I knew the little details-- like including stripes, a linen dress, and my very favorite summer hat, but there also needed to be a mix of cheeses, wine, and, of course, a whole lot of love involved! I then started thinking back on the days I felt most loved and special-- of course there was the extremely thoughtful, adventurous day my husband proposed to me but there are also the simpler days, when we spend quality time together, normally outside somewhere, sans phones, being fully present on a spontaneous date (where good food isn't too far behind). I wanted to create and capture that same joy that comes from the "big" things like proposals, along with the smaller (but just as important) things, like random date nights! And, well, a beautifully styled picnic (thanks to Tiffany at Hart and Co Events) and sunset proposal seemed like a great place to start! All that was left was finding the love. Insert these two passionate people who just so happened to be celebrating their 2nd wedding anniversary THE DAY OF THE SHOOT! It seemed like fate was really stepping in now! Since recently purchasing their first house and saving up for graduate school, Madisson and Bryant, being the responsible people they are, planned on having a low-key celebration that day, trading in a romantic getaway for assembling a newly needed shed for their lawnmower (now THAT would be a true lifestyle shoot). Needless to say, I was thrilled when they said they'd give up shed duties for the night and let us take them on a dreamy summer picnic date for their special day instead! They were so deserving and their natural chemistry and love for one another really set the tone for the entire shoot-- they're basically ready to take on Nicholas Sparks' next project! Well I hope you enjoy my take on the perfect summer engagement! From picnic blanket snuggles to proposals, thunderstorms rolling in to sunsets going out, Summer, thanks for all the fun and romance you bring with you wherever you go! Until we meet again!