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Hear How Jean Shopping Brought This Couple Together
September 19, 2016
Meet Parker and Kori, a couple with the cutest love story ever. One that started in the denim aisle while he was shopping for jeans and she was the helpful associate who made sure he got the right fit. Fast forward 3.5 years later these two are making their way down a completely different kind of aisle and we've got their sweet beginning captured by the incomparable KT Merry Photography in The Vault!
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From the Bride... Jeans brought us together. I know, jeans.

It was a slow afternoon for Kori, who was a sales associate at a boutique in Hollywood, CA. While Parker’s parents were visiting they wanted to take him shopping for jeans and decided to go to a rad denim shop. Kori just happened to be working and it just so happened to be her turn to help the next customer to pop in.

Our first meeting was at the door, where Kori shared introductions with Robert and Kathy. Parker putted behind both of them, his ball cap down low. Being the eloquent and professional sales associate she was, Kori recommended Robert a pair of “old man jeans” located in what she would like to call, the “relaxed fit” section. Unbeknownst to her, Robert’s fear of getting older sent that “old man” comment through a chain of uncomfortable exchanges of “uh, that’s not what I meant to say” sales banter. (To this day Kori has not lived this comment down. It will forever haunt her.) Underneath the embarrassment she ran around grabbing a variety of styles, sizes and colors. In the hurricane of denim, Kori had yet to really notice Parker. Let’s just say that Robert needed the most attention. After getting both men in jeans, Parker walked out of the dressing room and finally Kori had her first look. TA DA! It was love!!

While it may not have actually been love at first sight, Kori did experience what she calls “knowing”. She knew in that moment that she wanted to know more about this quiet, handsome, shy human. So what is a girl to do? Oh yeah! Ask his mom. She probed Kathy with questions… “What does he do?” “Does he have a girlfriend?” Kathy was very thorough and enthusiastic about her son, answering all of Kori’s questions and intriguing her more.

By the time everyone reached the register Kori was already planning her move to give Parker her phone number. He was so shy so she had no idea if he was going to ask her out. She couldn’t let him leave without her number so she proceeded to write her number on her business card. She politely told him: “Here is my number, we should get together and hangout sometime.” Parker smiled and said, “yeah.” He reached out that evening and 3 ½ years later we are engaged and love each other deeply. We look back at that day as the day we both finally found one another. We are so happy to have you celebrating our special weekend with us!