Forget the Ballroom and Beach, Because This Florida Lakeside Wedding Inspo Is Where It's at
September 16, 2016
Yeah, you read the title correctly. So for those of you Floridians who feel like you're forced plan either a ballroom fete of a beachside affair, Kt Crabb Photography has cordially invited you to think again. Because today we're headed lakeside to bring you one of the prettiest wedding inspirations that's sure to inspire you. See it all in The Vault!
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From Kt Crabb Photography... It's often that I find couple overwhelmed with the process of finding a location that meets the needs of their guest list size, dream look for their wedding and has parent's approval. When thinking about planning a Florida wedding, most fall quickly under the impress that if it's not at the beach, then it must be in a ballroom. There is so much more to Florida than just it's beaches! My hope and purpose behind this shoot was to showcase another side of Florida that often goes unnoticed for it's elegance and beauty.

My family has roots in Florida that span many generations. With this background, I grew up living in the water most days wether in a lake, pool or the beach. My family would head off to my grandparent's lake house for holiday gatherings and spend the grilling, chatting and skiing. This place floods me with sweet memories every time I step foot on it's property. It makes me slow down and really take in the beauty around me. This is the feel I wanted to create with this shoot. I wanted couples planning their wedding day to be able to dream of a place familiar, warm and inviting that would leave them relaxed on their most memorable day!

This dream came to life with the help of an incredible team. We worked to nestle the reception table under the canopy of towering pine trees. It created an intimate environment that made you want to stay and chat for hours. We even took our couple for a little joy ride on a canoe as the sun began to kiss the water as it said goodnight. It was then that the romance came alive with candle lit cuddles and slow dances. We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day to show off another side of Florida's unique beauty.