An Aqua-Infused Garden Wedding That Will Make Your Hearts Happy
September 10, 2016
Mid Atlantic
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Say goodbye to the days of awkward aqua hues (I'm looking at you, 1980's) and hello to a new version of one of your fave colors.  It's the POP of pretty that's making this wedding sing, along with beautiful details from A Swanky Affair and gorgeous blooms from Tre Bella Florist.  Fall in love with every colorful moment captured by Casey Rose Photography in THE VAULT.
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From Casey Rose Photography... When Ben, an attorney in NYC, planned his proposal to Leah, a lawyer in the same firm whom he had met at Duke Law School, he knew it had to be memorable. He decided to trick her into coming to his family cabin under the guise their was an emergency at the house. Being more of a city girl, Leah hated the cabin and dreaded making the journey in the freezing winter temperatures, but agreed to go with Ben. When they arrived, Ben had a surprise picnic awaiting them. Even at the site of the candles and champagne, Leah still thought it was for the workers who were supposed to be coming to help with the fallen tree emergency. She couldn't understand why Ben would choose to propose in a setting that was not her favorite place.

Then Ben told her that he chose that location because it represented everything that made Leah uncomfortable. He wanted her to know that even in darker days - he would always stand by her side. He knew marriage was never easy, but always worth it and he couldn't wait to spend the rest of his days with her.

When it decided to rain every day before the week of their planned outdoor garden wedding, Leah and Ben were content with their Plan B. They knew that even in darker days, their marriage and vows would be the focus of the day. Their positive attitudes were rewarded by sunny skies for the entire morning and afternoon of their wedding. When the final picture was taken, a clasp of thunder and lightning greeted them in celebration and as all the guests and wedding party ran to the tent, they knew they had the most perfect day.

As Reverend Malcolm Roberts said in his blessing, "If you don't believe in miracles, all you had to do was witness the end of Leah and Ben's vows."