A Chic + Modern Celebration Set at a Swiss Chateau
August 31, 2016
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Many cultures came together for this gorgeous countryside celebration that I'll be staring at all day long. The red pops of color are my favorite, taking it from sweet and rustic to chic and modern - all thanks to the talented work of Floresie and Majenia Design. Anna Tereshina captured all the colorful beauty and the loving moments between this darling duo - see them and more in our Vault right this way!
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From the Couple... The delightful garden of the Château d’Eclépens gave us the chance to create the ceremony we dreamt of and bring together our family and closest friends. A place filled of romanticism, where the natural state of trees and flowers make us feel free to wander everywhere, in intimacy.

The whole ceremony was in the image of the garden and of course, in the image of all of our family and friends: colorful, emotional, and authentic. Simplicity and elegance, that’s what we wanted to give to our guests. Two rows of chairs, each embellish with a touch of gypsophila welcomed the guests; at the very end of the main aisle, a splendid vegetal arch, sublimed with hydrangeas, peonies and roses was to be admired.

During that beautiful day, we were constantly overwhelmed by sincere affections from family and friends.

As a multi-cultural couple (Vietnamese, Swiss and Italian origins), we wanted to have a wedding reflecting this cultural exchange and mix of traditions, values, languages and colors. The traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai, worn by Asian and European women that day, brought so much different and very lively colors; the flowing movement of the dresses in the wind gain the attention and gave a glance of elegance.

How could we think that such a day would bring our love and affection to each other in such a strong and indescribable feeling of fullness. The caring and complicity, which build our relation, enable us to carry out the celebration. We hope that they will continue to lead us in this great life together.

From Majenia Design... The style of Elsa and Sébastien’s wedding was thought as a chic countryside wedding, in coherence with the venue, a castle from the 18th century with cute red shutters hosting a vineyard, surrounded by cereal fields and large park.

This aspect was emphasized by creating some special areas in the castle’s park with vintage indoor type of furniture brought outside: a cozy couch corner, a little iron bed for the couple to sit on during the ceremony, a vintage wood table for the Photo Booth area.

The countryside feeling came with the surroundings relayed by seasonal or local “gourmandises” such as the own castle vine served during the day, honey as guest favor, seasonal fruits to pick freely from the dinner table and a double caterer: a traditional French dinner served in parallel with… a Thaï buffet!

The later was chosen to complement the event with notes coming from Elsa’s Asiatic origins, just like the traditional Vietnamese gowns of the bridesmaids and touches of red used in the color palette throughout the day.

From Floresie... When I met Elsa and Sebastien for the first time to discuss about their dream flowers, we met on site at Eclepens’ castle. They were dreaming about a chic modern countryside wedding, and it was clear to them that they wanted a lot of foliage and contrast in color and textures. The green surroundings of the swiss castle, the large trees in the park were very inspiring to me and I was delighted when they explained that they were thinking about a large arch for the ceremony to be installed among the centennial trees in the park.

We therefore, designed a very bold arch, massive enough so as to find its place among the vast trees. We never defined exactly what kind of flowers would be on it, Elsa and Sebastien just told me they’d love to have flowers with touches of blue on too and not just foliage. Actually the wedding happened beginning of July and I was lucky enough to find amazing red charm peonies which were perfect in the color palette but that I was not even hoping for as the season could have been already over. It’s been a very good surprise for Elsa who’s so in love with them!

So red charm peonies have been the principal flower linking the ceremony to the dinner party. Then came garden roses, mainly red pianos from my favorite grower near Paris that harvest them fully opened, with their vibrant red color that can illuminate any design.

Foliage again for the diner, in the air, a 100 feet ruscus garland welcomed the guests at the entrance of the dinner tent. Foliage again, mixed with peonies, garden roses, artichoke, apricot and cherries, seasonal products only on the table… and I heard the guests loved them and cherries did not last long that night.