The Most Beautiful Wedding Workshop
August 30, 2016
Summer Weddings
All good things, that's what we've titled this gallery from the incomparably talented O'Malley Photographers. For to simply call this collection of moments from the Sinclair And Moore Events workshop inspiring would be a massive understatement. Because when you've got a passionate team creating undeniable beauty, you know you're in for something stare-worthy. Pin it all in The Vault!
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From Sinclair And Moore Events... At the Sinclair and Moore Workshop we teach our students how to go come up with and develop a vision, and then execute it to completion. For this session, I wanted to focus on Parisian style. Parisian means different things to different people, and so the O’Malley Photographers and I thought it would be fun to do Paris three different ways.

The black and brass shoot was our take on old world Parisian grandeur and the formality that is often associated with Paris. The neutral themed shoot was a nod to the carefree artisan side of Paris that celebrates casual elegance. The third shoot was reminiscent of a Parisian garden.

This workshop was really special because the attendees not only built all of the floral arrangements, but they actively worked together within their team to set up each tablescape. This also gave them the opportunity to see how 3 distinctive looks came together.