Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Designer
August 30, 2016
There is this mythical creature I'd like to tell you about. She's all over the world at any given time, creating beauty wherever she lands. From Bali to Africa to the vineyards of California, this pretty powerhouse is there, giving us endless inspiration. So who exactly is this too-good-to-be-true talent? None other than our dear friend Joy Proctor. Planner and designer, she grabbed ahold of our SMP hearts years ago and we haven't been able to let go. See her Portfolio below? No further evidence even needed.
With a depth of work as delightful as Joy's it can daunting to know where to even start in your wedding research. But with SMP's Portfolio, all the beauty is in one place, perfect for exploring and falling in love with even further. From her description and information to Collection after Collection of her work, it's all here ready for your eager eyes.