Tomorrow or 200 Years From Now, This Wedding Will Always Be Timeless
August 29, 2016
Tri State
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Instead of forcing a trendy (and potentially risky) style or design choice, these two knew what they liked and ran with it for their NYC wedding. And so their celebration was classic, refined, timeless, just like the "old souls" that they are. And in my eyes, I'd call that a pretty stylish success. Ashley Bartoletti captured it all - from the bouquets of roses to their stunning smiles. See it all in our Vault right here!
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From the Bride... There was one word that consistently came up during wedding planning and it was “classic.” From the day we started planning our special day we wanted a timeless event that paid homage to New York City, the city where my husband and I met and would begin our married life together. We knew we were a perfect match from our first coffee date. We were two youthful 30-somethings with older, traditional souls. Lovers of hand written correspondence, early evenings and a nice glass of cabernet… we knew classic and traditional (yet not stuffy) was our ideal way to celebrate our special day.

I am originally from New York and most of my extended family resides in the New York / Tri-State area. My husband’s family is from the West Coast, particularly San Francisco and Sonoma County. Quite frankly, the variety of guests from each coast was energizing as we were able to showcase “our” city to those from out of town while also providing an iconic New York experience to our local family and friends.

We chose a classic venue on Central Park West, the New York Athletic Club, which was a bit of serendipity as Dan and I met in the sports industry. We fell in love with the exterior balconies overlooking Central Park and the gilded gold elevator doors. There was just something special about the venue and the unique, traditional details. The tradition complemented our theme quite nicely. We opted for a white, off-white, gold and blush color palette. We chose elegant fonts and a double thick cotton paper invitation to allow for painted gold edging on each individual stationery piece. Each and every ornate detail of the wedding was carefully selected as we wove our theme throughout the planning process from the save the date to rehearsal dinner to wedding day.

Our florist was exceptional, everything from large scale entrance pieces and willowed, grandiose vases to a soft, intimate dinner atmosphere in a fully candlelit room.

The wedding dress shopping experience was just that… a truly lovely experience! Everyone says that finding a dress is frantic and exhausting however this was far from the truth. It was enjoyable, extremely calm and ended with champagne! My mom, my sister and I went to Kleinfeld’s in Manhattan on an early Saturday morning. It was such a welcoming experience as we were greeted by one of the stylists seen on their popular TV show, and picked the dress immediately. I must say we went in prepared, as usual, with an idea of the exact dress we wanted! After dress shopping, we went to brunch on the Westside of the city where we enjoyed mimosas and girl talk. It was a memorable day for me, especially to have my mom and sister with me throughout the entire wedding planning process.

My husband and I had the most amazing wedding day filled with family from coast to coast, fantastic music, and stunning views of Central Park. As we looked around the room, we had somehow created a scene from a movie. With the gentlemen in black, classic bowtie tuxedos and the guests dancing to a brass filled 12-piece band we were filled with happiness and joy. We hope looking back on the stunning pictures our photographer captured that one will never be able to tell exactly the year or decade… one would simply see a timeless, elegant and special day filled with love and family. This day and the memories made will forever stay with us as we embark on our life together as a newly married couple!