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Two Brides. One Modern Wedding. Major Pretty.
August 23, 2016
New England
DIY InspiredModernIndustrial
I would write a mile-long intro about the chic warehouse setting or the styled hanging greenery but these sweet Brides said it best. "One day I imagine no one will remember the way our program looked, which pictures were hanging on the walls, or the taste of that brown butter sage sauce. But they (and we) will remember that we were together and oh so happy." Dive into their joyful celebration from the lens of MORNINGWILD Photography.
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From The Brides...Our story spans the country, starting with Breanne on the beautiful Oregon coast where she grew up and Lauren in Massachusetts with her family. We were both finishing college in 2008 and unbeknownst to each other had each decided to answer our internal call to run away from home. We each knew we were looking to find ourselves, we just didn't know we were also meant to find each other on that journey. We first met in Denver in October of 2008 and proceeded to spend our first year together the way all couples do - living, traveling, and working together while doing community service around the country. Our first kiss was in New Orleans and we measure our years together from that place and day, June 9th 2009 (just don't ask who kissed who first). Seven years later, almost to the day, we vowed to be together for all the years to come.

I have always loved the look of botanicals and greenhouses and since living on my own become slightly obsessed with house plants. Lauren jokes that when she's an old woman she'll be surrounded by my years of collected house plants. We booked the warehouse because the venue told us that we could do whatever we wanted with the space. As a creative, I was sold! When planning our wedding Lauren and I cared the most about making the wedding feel like us and having the words and visual space truly mean something. We have been to weddings in the past that have it all, beautiful decor, delicious food, great music, but in the end felt like they were missing what truly made the event special. So we worked especially hard at creating a meaningful ceremony and a space that truly reflected who we are as a couple. In each home Lauren and I have lived in we have created a large gallery wall. Incorporating this into our wedding space felt so natural and true to us. For the past year we collected and curated what would be on our wedding gallery wall and we were so pleased with how it turned out. It really felt like home to us with nods to my Oregon Coast roots, our first home together in Maine, and all of our grandparents and parents who set the tone for our lives before us, and of course our favorite kitty, Hobbes!

I am a DIY-er at heart, in that if i see something I like, or that inspires me, I will learn how to do it in order to create it myself. A couple of years ago when hand lettering became trendy, I just started doing it because I thought I could. When I saw subway tiles as place cards, I picked some up at Home Depot, backed them with sticky cork board, and lettered them myself. I learned how to scan in artwork and edit it using Photoshop and Illustrator in order to create the invites I wanted, and then I kept it going with our programs and game cards.

I really wanted our programs to be unique so I decided to design them with space to copper leaf them at the top. I also made the confetti sticks and created the label for them. Lauren and I were thinking of quotes for the banner for so long leading up to the wedding and two weeks before the wedding, I saw the perfect quote. "We were together. I forget the rest." by Walt Whitman. I loved that it would be hanging above our tables, with all our closest people gathered under it. One day I imagine no one will remember the way our program looked, which pictures were hanging on the walls, or the taste of that brown butter sage sauce. But they (and we) will remember that we were together and oh so happy.