Urban Watercolor Inspired Shoot
August 18, 2016
Fall Weddings
Now this is what we call a wedding inspiration! Combining ethereal watercolor hues with contrasting urban elements, Luna de Mare Photography has captured it all to share. From the Seniman Calligraphy, to the high fashion details, we've got it all waiting in The Vault!
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From Luna de Mare Photography...The inspiration and concept were drawn from the watercolor Ink skirt created by the designer. We wanted to incorporate the tones and moodiness of the Gown and use it in contrast with the softness and tones of the florals in season, and build a traditional table scape in an industrial space. We then decided to use an intricate set with a floral installation as a backdrop to juxtapose against the stark loft which offered a blank canvas to play with. Creating movement and playfulness was key in order to produce a high fashion modern look, while still maintaining a soft aesthetic.

Tones were played off each other, rather than trying to keep it all cohesive. Peaches and pinks were used against hues of Indigo. The textures of concrete, marble and linen were used in combination with food and florals, and used to soften and compliment. Industrial meets High Fashion with a relatable flair.
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