Sweet Lady and the Tramp Wedding Inspiration
August 18, 2016
Summer Weddings
We all know and love the movie 'Lady and the Tramp', so it's no big surprise that we are completely uhb-sessed with this Bella Notte inspiration from Vanessa Velez. Complete with Anthology Co. Floristry and super sweet details (like those delectable desserts!), we've got it all waiting for in The Vault!
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From Oh My Occasions..."Side by side with your loved one, you'll find enchantment here”. You’ll find it here in our Lady and the Tramp inspired shoot. Bella Notte highlights an unconventional romance, illustrating that opposites do attract. With a soft watercolor ambiance, with burst of deep reds brought together beautifully by Anthology Co. and inspired by the classic Disney movie takes a dreamy, more tender, spin on puppy love. Vintro Hotel provides a quasi-authentic Italian café atmosphere. Complete with bistro lighting, delicate floral centerpieces, a wine barrel table, and some delectable desserts to share, the mood was set for a night between a scruffy gentleman and his stylish lady. Unlike the meant-to-be fairytales or love stories you read about, the Bella Notte vignette showcases the contemporary affection between two dissimilar beings that had to defy the norms to be together and their impromptu adventures together and an intimate bond that forever unites their hearts. The couple always remembers to enjoy the little things in life: playful dollops of frosting on each others’ nose, hiding behind their parasol to steal a private kiss.