A Skyline Soiree That'll Sweep You off Your Feet
August 13, 2016
Tri State
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A stunning soiree complete with crazy cool skyline views? Count us in. Because this incredibly chic day has got all that and more. Complete with a beautiful ceremony where guests warmed their weddings bands with a silent wish, 4Eyes Photography captured it all to share and it's waiting for you in The Vault!
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From The Bride...Junior high. 1996. Girl sees boy and says to herself, “I’m going to marry that boy one day.” Twenty years later, it actually happened. Don’t get it confused…we are not high school sweethearts. I laid eyes on him that fateful day in junior high and that was it. Period. End of story as we knew it. We would continue to live our separate lives all throughout high school, college, and into busy adulthood. It wasn’t until years later, on one chilly May evening in 2009, that this girl and that boy would finally find themselves at the same Memorial Day barbecue (thanks to the mutual friend gods, and fate, and destiny, and perfect timing). He gave me his sweatshirt because I was cold. The rest is history. Mike proposed to me on a park bench, under the Spanish moss, on a lazy Saturday afternoon in Savannah, Georgia. A year and a half later, on January 16th, 2016 we were married at The Foundry in Long Island City, New York.

Everyone thought we were crazy to plan a January wedding in New York. “What about the weather?” they said. “What will you do if there is an epic snowstorm and none of your guests show up?” they asked. My response, “It will be the most perfect day ever.” And it was. From the delicious food, to the amazing band, not to mention the fabulous décor, the fifty-degree weather, all of our favorite people, my glorious two dollar chargers from Bed Bath and Beyond, and the two best photographers on the planet to capture every moment the day was everything we had envisioned and more.

My most vivid memory comes moments before I was about to walk down the aisle. Peeking my head out of the bridal suite, watching my bridesmaids make their way down the stairs in all of their different gold sparkle dresses, listening to the music we picked being played live, feeling the love of all our favorite people in one place to celebrate us, standing next to my mom, and finally seeing Mike patiently waiting for me at the altar caused me to let out a squeal of complete satisfaction that was heard by all of our guests. I strongly believe, it was that excited squeal of joy that set the tone for the rest of our night.

Our ceremony was filled with laughter, tears, and lots of love. Our brilliant officiant T.J. suggested a ring warming. During the ceremony our rings, tied together with ribbon, were passed around to each of our guests giving them the opportunity to warm our wedding bands with their love, make a silent wish, ask a blessing, or offer a prayer for us as we embark on this new journey. Aside from being pronounced husband and wife, this was my favorite part of the ceremony.

Our cuisine was inspired by winter and our love of comfort food. Picture passed mac and cheese bites, bacon and peanut butter crackers, grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters, and barbecue pulled chicken on mini waffles. Red wine braised short ribs for dinner. For dessert, Chef Rossi’s famous Oreo Crack and Fruit Loop Krispies to accompany our Momofuku Milk Bar cake. And we cannot forget about Mama Rossi’s late night pizza bagels (those were quite the hit).

The music was a mix of old and new. Our guests packed the dance floor and boogied down to songs by Otis Redding, The Temptations, Frank Sinatra, The Isley Brothers, Coldplay, Michael Buble, Bruno Mars, Rhianna, and Michael Jackson just to name a few. I personally wanted to hear Remix to Ignition by R. Kelly, but when the night ended with everyone shouting, “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG!!” my soul was satisfied.

The décor was inspired by my engagement ring. Gold and sparkly. Along the way, we threw in some hints of deep purple, white, sage green, and pale pink. Honestly, there were points at which I swear my florist Pola was living in my brain. She understood and was able to execute my vision flawlessly. Vintage gold vases, candles of all shapes and sizes EVERYWHERE, lush garland running down the tables and woodland princess style flower crowns for me and my ladies to wear as we partied the night away.

Ironically, the most significant and meaningful part of our décor was actually quite simple. A sprig of rosemary was placed on top of the memory card at each place setting in honor of Mike’s mother, Rosemary. Her passing has left a huge hole in Mike’s heart and I knew that the hole would feel even bigger on this day. It was in this small detail, in the spirit of love that Mike and I have for each other, and in the blessings given to us by our family and close friends that we were able to feel her presence all throughout our special day.

Stay true to your vision no matter what people have to say about it. Enjoy every second of the planning process and know when it’s time to let go and allow the universe (or your fabulous month-of coordinator) take charge. Sneak in as many special quiet moments with your groom as possible. Have fun and be present.