Intimate Elopement Complete with Calligraphy
August 13, 2016
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Let me reiterate: this is not a styled shoot. This is actually a real wedding, but the details are SO on point stylistically that even I thought it was orchestrated for inspiration. But no, this is Taylor and Rainge's beautifully 'big' day. An intimate elopement in the woods that you won't want to miss - see it all in The Vault!
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From Candice Lorraine..."I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you were naturally
The one to make it so easy when you show me the truth
Yeah, yeah I'd rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too"

The lyrics Taylor sang to Rainge when they walked through the woods as husband and wife. With the little white church behind them and the rest of their lives ahead of them, Taylor chose the intimate setting of the Georgia mountains to start their life together.

The day began with coffee and biscuits at their favorite local brunch nook at Mama's Boy in Athens. This cozy spot hosted many their dates in college, and tons of shared memories. After full bellies, they drove up through the mountain fog to the Juliette Chapel, tucked away in the woods of the Appalachian. As Hope Ferguson, started hair and makeup, Taylor calmly told the story of how her and Rainge met and her vision for the wedding day.

Their relationship was created during many drives between South Carolina and Georgia, so the thought of being away in the mountains near the states borders thrilled them. They loved the romance of the woods, being away from all the noise, and reminded that despite all the distractions in life -- it is truly just the two of them and their union. Taylor wanted everything to be organic and natural. Her love for the outdoors and career in horses, she just desired to feel like their altar was an oasis created by God. Surrounded by nature was incredibly important to her. Nothing extravagant or dramatic, just her and her fiance in a natural setting.

After Hope finished the perfect makeup touches, Taylor changed into her breathtaking BHLDN dress. The most whimsical and dainty dress and started her walk across the courtyard, down the aisle to her groom. Tears filled Rainge's eyes when he saw his bride before him. They both giggled and sniffled back tears as their dear friend read a passage from the Bible. They held hands as they exchanged vows to each other. Sealed with a long and quiet kiss, tears rolled down both their cheeks, followed by squeals and lots of laughs, Taylor and Rainge were married.

Amanda Jewel flawlessly executed a whimsical and earthy ceremony design for them to speak their vows under God. They wanted the invitation suite to be a reminder of their vows, their commitment to each other, and to show their children one day. During their engagement, Taylor and Rainge often spoke about the songs that they danced to in the kitchen, and sweet calligrapher Anna Brown, of Olive Juice Press, decided to surprise them by writing the lyrics to "I'd Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin on the ribbon for Taylor's bouquet.

It was evident through every detail of the day, that Taylor and Rainge have a peaceful confidence in their love for each other. They reiterated over and over how calming it was to just be together, to spend a day away from any wedding fluff or details, and focus on their marriage.