Beach, Blooms, And All the Engagement Inspo You'll Ever Need
August 12, 2016
Summer Weddings
Summer weekends might be slowly winding down, but we're determined to savor every last second we've got left. And kicking us off into this August Friday is a dreamy beach engagement from Esther Sun. The full gallery is basically our version of heaven on earth, and don't miss the couple's sweet love story waiting below.
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From The Bride...Dennis and I grew up together at the same church but our paths wouldn’t cross until much later. He was always the cool high school kid getting into trouble while I was the goody two-shoes middle schooler observing from afar. Ironically, it wasn’t until Dennis began attending a new church, that we finally connected and eventually started to date!

Shortly after becoming official, we took a day trip down to San Diego, which is where we got to experience some of the most defining moments of our relationship. We made ourselves comfortable at a local beach and spent some time enjoying the wonderful weather and beautiful views. There, I got to share with Dennis some of the most delicate and dear things about my life that I still hold close to my heart today. Upon sharing, Dennis' response of gentleness, care, concern, and love spoke to me of a potential future with him. Little did I know, this was also the same moment Dennis knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, to continue to love, nurture, and protect me. One year later, Dennis took me back to San Diego and professed his love for me and sealed the deal with the loveliest rose gold stunner!

When we booked our wonderful wedding photographer and now great friend, Esther Sun, we knew we had to do our shoot at the beach, reminiscent of our most pivotal moments. We didn’t need anything over the top, but just something that really captured our story. Esther did an amazing job and we are still blown away with how beautifully she captured our love. We are so excited to share these wonderful images with our family and friends, but even more so to be able look back at them years from now when we are old and want to be taken back to where it all began.