A Sunset-Inspired Wedding for The Beach Loving Couple
August 10, 2016
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This couple's source of inspiration? Dreamy oceanside sunsets. "From our wedding invitations, to the bridesmaid dresses, to our wedding cake and to the sunset we got that evening, this love for pastel colors was incorporated throughout our day," said the Bride. Go see why we're obsessed with the gallery from Rachel Solomon.
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From The Bride...As two Midwesterners, Jared and I met randomly at a bar in Santa Monica where I was drinking a margarita and he, an old fashioned. Our relationship grew quickly with major hallmarks happening along the California beaches. After getting engaged at Silly Mountain in Arizona, just around the corner from where my parents live in the winters, we discussed our vision for our day. Everything we discussed was rooted in what mattered most to us: that our guests have an incredible time, that we have many personal touches unique to “us,” and that everything fits together cohesively and flows seamlessly. It was important to us that it came across to our guests that this was a ‘celebration of love’ and not just another wedding. My brother, who we asked to get ordained to officiate our wedding, helped to show our guests this by crafting a ceremony so perfect that brought Jared and my love to the forefront to show our guests why we wanted them all there to celebrate with us.

When choosing our venue, we wanted to choose a place that had meaning. Nowhere in the Midwest or California felt more meaningful to us than Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club did – a place we will be going back to for years since my parents live near there and we have regular family golf outings there. I am also an incredibly superstitious person so it fit perfectly. We wanted an ‘outdoor everything’ wedding with hints of our relationship throughout the day for us to share with our guests. For example, our signature drinks were margaritas and old fashioneds, we did a sand ceremony with sand from California beaches and Arizona locations that symbolized significant moments in our relationship – like the beach we were when we said “I Love You” for the first time. We also charmingly incorporated in the nickname we have for ourselves, “J2” (j-squared), in our day-of paper which was perfect given that we got married on the day of squares – 4/9/16 (22/32/ 42).

I knew I wanted a backless dress but I didn’t want anything that didn’t fit the venue. When I tried on Claire Pettibone’s Alma dress and saw two “J’s” in the lace, I immediately imagined myself in that dress in our venue and knew it was the perfect fit. We chose Jared’s suit to complement the colors throughout the day – a nice blue that would pop in pictures but fit with the overall feel for the day. Having not seen my dress next to his suit before the day, I was so happy with how my dress and his suit came together so perfectly – just like us!

I used our venue as inspiration to bring out the best in the décor, dress, ambiance and energy for the day. After having gone to Italy two years prior, Jared and I loved the Tuscan-style clubhouse and played into this with our décor. Our guests said it was like being at a wedding in Tuscany with a beautiful Arizona backdrop! Our colors were inspired by our love for watching sunsets at the beach. From our wedding invitations, to the bridesmaid dresses, to our wedding cake and to the sunset we got that evening, this love for pastel sunset colors were weaved throughout our day and accented the venue perfectly. One of our favorite foods is bread and olive oil. In fact, one of our favorite parts of going out to eat is enjoying bread before our meal. In an effort to share this favorite thing with our guests while also making our table décor and seating cards both beautiful and functional, we got mini olive oil bottles to complement the demi-baguettes we bought from Costco which were wrapped beautifully by my four aunts the morning of the wedding with dusty blue paper and fresh rosemary cut from my parents’ neighbor’s rosemary hedge. It was quite the DIY group effort!

When our day was over, Jared and I both said to us that we don’t think we will ever go to a more perfect wedding than our own. Just like our love story, our own “celebration of love” will always be our favorite. The energy was unmatched and everything fit together perfectly. It would not have been so perfect had it not been for our family and friends helping us and our amazing team of vendors supporting the design and execution of our day – especially Sam Glascock with Imoni Events who went above and beyond to see my vision through and made it feel so seamless that we could actually enjoy our own wedding; Rachel Solomon, our photographer, whose style and talent fit our vibe and captured our day perfectly; our florist, Blume Events, who translated my vision beautifully into the florals; Dave Strickler, our DJ from Desert House Productions who set the perfect musical tone during the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception; the entire team at Superstition Mountain Golf and Country Club who worked with me to ensure everything went off without a hitch; and our videographer, Dan Nettles, an experienced NFL videographer but novice in the wedding industry who I fortuitously found on Thumbtack and beautifully captured our day.