A Luxury Wedding You'll Hardly Believe is Real!
August 10, 2016
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Any wedding that involves couture gowns, luxury cars and a dreamy garden estate and is total YES in my book. Luckily this bride and groom felt the same and hired Rhythm Photography to tell the story of their day. Go see our favorite moments tucked inside The Vault!
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From Phoebe Lo Events...A dreamy celebration of romantic luxury and impeccable elegance, Lisa and Kelvin's Graydon Hall Manor wedding featured an estate garden Ceremony paired with a terrace cocktail reception and followed by a formal a manor evening faire.

Couture attire and gowns were abundant, and a collection of high end vehicles were also present for the couple and bridal party's transportation of the day. Our event design made use of a rustic charm motif that mimicked the manor venue's existing design features in the areas of color hues, structure and pattern to further embellish the event space and environment. A variety of artistic and handmade elements also defined the couple's love for hand crafted pieces and artful keepsakes that are unique to their celebration. This could be seen by the head piece and jewelry, as well as the fine art painted backdrop in the late night reception area.

Taking place on the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, the couple welcomed a range of Chinese and Vietnamese traditions that represented their cultural backgrounds.