Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Wedding Planner
August 9, 2016
It's no surprise that we SMPers love anything and everything that sparkles, so when our lucky eyes caught sight of Lady Liberty Event's Portfolio, well, they didn't stray. From their Cover Pics to their Profile Image that's #bridalgoals in photo form, we're loving it all. And it continues as we scroll down to their Collections full of the love stories that have graced SMP's pages, all planned and designed by Lady Liberty. Our new Portfolios are pretty much where the party's at...
While there's no denying Lady Liberty's Portfolio shines, what we really love is that it represents THEM. It shows off their talent, their style, their approach. By customizing their Portfolio with little easy-to-do edits, Lady Liberty Event's page tells potential clients - brides-to-be just like you! - what they stand for so you can decide it they are the wedding planner for you (our guess is yes, they are).