This Glamorous Wedding Started With A Proposal Story That Will Make Your Heart Melt
August 8, 2016
By: Jen H
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When a romance begins with the words, "There's no way a girl as pretty as you isn't going to dance tonight," you just know the proposal story is going to up the ante for all couples forever. With every detail crafted to perfection by Lola Event Production and captured by Emilia Jane Photography, see why this glamorous wedding completely took our breath away here in The Vault.
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From The Couple...How we met in the fall of 2012 (through Zach’s voice):

It all started at a wedding...In November of 2012, Zach was a groomsman in Scott and Nora King's wedding. As fate would have it, Laura Lazzara was also in attendance. During the reception, Zach spotted Alan Lazzara Sr. (Laura's father) who pointed Zach out to Philip Lazzara (Laura's older brother) who Zach played little league baseball with many years ago. As Zach and Philip regaled each other with legendary stories on the field, Zach was introduced to Philip's beautiful little sister Laura. Needless to say, Laura took Zach's breath away. As Zach and Philip's conversation drew to an end and they parted for other company, Zach couldn't shake the image of that divine creature: Laura Lazzara.

The reception turned from dinner to dancing and Zach searched for Laura. To his dismay, he was unable to find her anywhere on the dance floor. It wasn't until Zach looked back to her table, where he first met her, that he once again spied she who would one day be his bride.

Making his way through the jubilant, gyrating crowd, Zach walked up to Laura, who sat alone at the table. With a nervous yet hopeful breath, he said the words that sealed the deal: "theres no way a girl as pretty as you isn't going to dance tonight." And with that, and a gentlemanly offer of his hand, the rest was history...

Our engagement story...Anyone that knows Laura knows that she is one of the most thoughtful people in the whole world. So it was with no easy going that Zach planned a proposal worthy of such a woman. Zach invited Laura up to his family's lake house in Delavan, WI under the guise of it being just a one-night getaway to spend time with each other and Zach's parents. Unbeknownst to Laura, Zach managed to orchestrate the participation of Laura's best friends, including Lauren all the way from Boston, her cousin and Maid of Honor Allison from California, as well as her parents Alan Sr. and Mary and her brother Philip and his wonderful girlfriend Jessie. From Zach's side, also in attendance, were his parents Jack and Mary, brothers and Best Men Sean and Jason as well as Jason's fiancée Samantha. Finally, Zach's loving Godparents Bob and JoAnn Cycon joined the celebration.

Upon arrival at the lake house, with the lights turned off and the guests huddled in the backyard in wait, Zach brought Laura up to their room to drop off the bags. With a quick kiss and a request to stay put, Zach left Laura waiting curiously while he walked downstairs. To Laura's surprise, it was her brother Philip that knocked on the bedroom door. Philip escorted Laura downstairs and out to the lakeside yard. There, lined up along the path, set amongst candles, were all the important people in Laura's life. As she passed each person, she was handed a flower, and upon reaching the end of the path, Laura's parents were there to tie a bow around the bouquet. It was on the lakeside deck, below the romantic lighting, that Zach dropped to one knee and asked Laura to be his bride.

I was inspired by a beautiful Amalfi Coast wedding I came across while putting together a mood board. I wanted something out of the ordinary, I wanted to bring a piece of the outdoors into a ballroom— a plethora of greenery, such as lemon leaves, olive branches, eucalyptus and succulents. I envisioned an elegant black tie evening paired with champagne, pops of metallic details like gold details and symmetrical rows of feast tables and soft lighting.
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