Skip the Beach Traffic and See This Seaside Inspo Instead
August 5, 2016
Summer Weddings
When someone asks what you're doing this weekend here's how you respond: "Spending the next 48 hours getting lost in this gallery". Because in my mind, that's a conservative amount of time to fully appreciate an inspo filled with Distressed|Rentals & Revival, the sheer beauty created by Katalina Mitchel of FiftyTwo45 and given that Lance Nicoll Wedding Photography is behind the lens, you'll want to dwell in said pretty pronto. So, join me as we get lost together in The Vault!
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From Lance Nicoll Wedding Photography....For this photoshoot, we knew we wanted to find a peaceful, undeveloped beach on the Gulf Coast. We were excited to find a stretch of beach in a small town on the coast of Mississippi, about an hour from New Orleans, untouched by tourism. The goal was to keep everything natural and organic, and blending in with the surroundings. We were able to do that by carrying the yellow/cream tones of the sand and rocks, and the blue-grays of the water, throughout the tabletop, candles, flowers, and gowns. We intended everything to be simple and attainable, nothing over-the-top or over-styled, and working with, not against, what was already there.
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